The New Girl in Town

There’s a new girl in town. She is a star, a classic beauty. My heart skipped a beat when I first saw her. Was it love at first sight? Must be, I still can feel the butterflies, day and night. Can’t really stop thinking about her, she’s constantly on my mind. I started stalking her, collecting all information I could find, looking at these awesome pictures of her. Front, back, profile, perfection everywhere. Late in the evening I ventured out in the web, visited forums, read all reports of those that were already fortunate enough to lay their hands on her. By all accounts she really seems to be that perfect girl that I envision in her.

I know I should be more faithful as I already have a nice girl at home I’m very fond of. Pretty, reliable, solid, never let me down. But the new girl is different, more sophisticated, a stunner, a class of her own. In no ways easy to handle, but in experienced hands she will spark new creativity and be that perfect companion everybody dreams about, that’s what her creators promise. Whatever I see of her and read about her makes me more tempted.

I decided that just talking a personal look at her would not hurt anyone. So yesterday I sneaked away into town. I knew exactly where I could find her. And there she was. Still behind glass. I felt my heart beating faster. Then she was in my hands. The first touch was intoxicating. So incredibly smooth. Only the best material. Solidly buit, but so sexy. A beautiful, perfect creation. I love the silver finish. My fingers running longingly around her curves, edges, buttons, dials. I look deep in her two dark eyes. So tempting. This beauty is a beast!

I set her down, said good bye, went home. I know I’m in love. I want her. I’m still resisting, as I should do. I try to be brave. I think of the expenses, the uselessness I would inflict on my other girl. She does not deserve this. But couldn’t I have both of them? Who says you can’t love two sisters of the same family? It is night outside, but the butterflies are active, prevent me from finding sleep. My thoughts drift over to her, how she felt between my fingers. Pure magic. I’m in love. But I will try to be brave. For now……


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