Street ? Airport ! (5)


StarStruck | Amsterdam | 2017

My first international travel of the year at least brought the opportunity of doing some photography while connecting through Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, on my way to Portland, Oregon.  As you know from previous episodes of my series “Street? Airport!”, airports buzzing with travelers provide some awesome opportunities for some quick street shooting while passing through the terminals enroute to the gate. For another shot from this bar and some “bonus” aerial views from my Delta flight from AMS to PDX continue reading after the jump….

This colorful bar absolutely caught my eye while passing through the main terminal area, after my early morning arrival from Nuremberg. I’m connecting a lot through AMS but I never noticed this place before. Then again, airports are constantly changing. For this photo I put my Ricoh GR II directly on the glass bar counter for maximizing the reflection effect. The guy gave me an intense stare but otherwise did not object. The Ricoh was in its usual “P-Mode” and I took the image with 1/60 sec and f/3,2 @ ISO 400.

Drinking with the Stars

Drink with the Stars | Amsterdam | 2017

On my way back from the Lounge I snapped a different shot of the same place. Sometimes you get lucky, even early (8am) on a Sunday morning.

As “bonus” (ain’t I nice?) I chip in two shots out of my Delta Flight to Portland. The first one is a view of the frozen Hudson Bay while passing at 40.000ft over Canada, the second one is a view of Mount Hood, a potentially still active volcano in the Cascade Range and with 11,239 feet (3,426 m) the highest peak in Oregon in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.

Hudson Bay

Hudson Bay | Canada | 2017

Mount Hood

Mount Hood | Oregon | 2017

After a half day meeting in Wilsonville near Portland I will continue tomorrow afternoon down the Pacific Coast to Southern California where I will be until Thursday in Cypress in the Los Angeles Metro area. Then it’s on to Dallas, Texas where I finish my US working week on Friday, before heading back to the Streets of Nuremberg via Atlanta and Paris on Saturday, expecting to be home Sunday afternoon. Business as usual 😉

Have a great remaining Sunday!


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    1. I was even closer to you, to a degree I probably “saw” you. While flying from Portland to La La Land yesterday we passed over the snow covered Sierra, and I was able to see Reno and then Lake Tahoe. This amount of snow is crazy, even from above. Hopefully we can further decrease the distance this year, my friend! Have a greta day! Marcus

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Alexandra, love your feedback. I’ll try the B&W conversion, but the contrasts might be enough that it might look great indeed. Thanks for inspiring this. I’m already in the plane from Portland to LA with a window seat, so I’m anticipating what there is to bee seen on this flight. Marcus


  1. Wauw! Great pictures!! The colors are amazing. The guy in the first photograph seems content with life 🙂
    When I see your pictures of people just doing their thing it makes me wonder if there are any pictures out there somewhere of me, just doing my thing 🙂 On some blog somewhere where people wonder what my mood was.

    Maybe a picture of Marcus out there somewhere taking a picture of another person. And the world goes round. I love the thought and the feel of that.


  2. Hello, you are very right: airport is a very good place for Street photography. For some reasons is better than Street, because you can easily find: the joy of a hug, the sadness of a person that finished his holiday, very different “kind” of people togheter that are waiting at the gate. Raffaello

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh! I think I have some new favorites! Those drink with the stars will go great with the bar silhouette! 🙂 The colors and atmosphere are so awesome Marcus. Love those! I sure hope the weather clears up for you. You deserve some sunshine. 🙂 Safe travels to you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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