Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

Safari Roads

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge has the theme “The Road Taken”. I enter the Safari Roads of Southern Africa. There are not many things in life that are more exhilarating than to take a 4×4 before sunrise and head out into the African Bush. The road is bumpy, but it feels more like a refreshing massage. The fresh air is full of excitement. You don’t know what animal waits for you behind the next curve, blocks the road, hides behind the bush watching you carefully. Every trip down these narrow dirt roads will have its own surprises for you. If there is something you need to put on your bucket list, it is an early morning ride on the narrow roads of the African bush veld. To see what blocked my road and hid behind the bushes, continue after the jump…..


Have a great day ! Marcus

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    1. Thanks, Vicky! You should take you daughters as well, they have the thrill of their lifetime! We had the kids with us two years ago, and they loved it so much! Have a great Sunday! Marcus

  1. Wow, das sind aber geniale Momente! Und deutlich schöner anzuschaun verglichen mit den klassischen Zoo-Tier-Fotos. Da gehört in meinen Augen einfach kein Zaun/Käfig hin…

  2. Wonderful safari images, Marcus. It is indeed a life-changing experience seeing the animals in the wild. I hope to go back sometime.

  3. Oh, my goodness! That is a life time adventure! And in the last picture a lion is looking at us calmly:)

    Breathtaking photos, Marcus!

    1. I’m only a couple miles away from you at this point,but due to flight delay I was running through La La Airport to catch my connection, just made it. Already rolling again 😉…Thanks for commenting 😊🙏

    1. Thanks,Louise 😊🙏! The mother was standing nearby, watching, as the little one was “attacking” (showing off), trumpeting and flapping ears. It was hilarious 😀

      1. My only experience of elephants in the wild was in Southern India, we were on a boat in a Wild Life Park.
        A herd had been bathing in the river and throwing dirt on themselves. By the time we saw them, most of the herd had finished and were making their way back up a hill and out of view.
        A baby one, obviously enjoying himself was lagging behind the others. Before he finished he turned around and trumpeted at us.Then ran to join the others. It was funny and very cute. No photos unfortunately but the imaged is burnt onto my mind’s eye.

    1. Thanks, Marion! Make sure you treat yourself to a trip to South Africa, you’ll never forget that. Will post some more of my SA photos, to make you really longing to visit “the world in one country “! Marcus

  4. Oh my! Why didn’t I think of that approach 🙂 I have a great shot of a jeep stuck in the muck from our safari years ago. I’d title it “the non-road wrongly taken” LOL. Absolutely love your shots – thanks for reminding me of a wonderful memory. Probably my favorite adventure ever.

      1. Nice. I mean you even saw a cheetah. I guess the private game reserves seem to be a little better than the national parks.

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