Instant Inspiration (13)- Pictures in an Exhibition

Masterpieces Duerer01
Exhibition III | Nuremberg | 2016

“Instant Inspirations” is my series for you if you feel you suffer from “Photographer’s Block”  or simply want to shoot something that you have never tried. Or at least not recently. In time for the weekend here is  Episode 13. I want to inspire you to go out, visit an exhibition or a gallery  and capture pictures IN an exhibition. With a bit of patience and a good eye these places offer plenty opportunities to play with light and composition. On top of working your photographic skills you can cross-pollinate by studying the masterpieces of other artists and art forms. For more images and info continue reading after the jump….

Exhibition II | Stockholm | 2016

The pictures in this post I took in the Albrecht Dürer Haus in Nuremberg and in the Fotografiska Gallery in Stockholm. Before you go, you should check if photography is permitted. Most places allow it without the use of flash. A prime lens that lets in a lot of light might be the preferable option, but a cell phone works also. Shoot wide angle, this offers the most interesting compositions in these environments with often clearly structured layouts and focused lighting. You can employ a multitude of compositional elements like leading lines, rule of thirds, looking for silhouettes or juxtapositions of objects and colors. Be creative.

Exhibition | Stockholm | 2016

I hope you take some inspirations from this photos. Take your camera, visit a gallery or a museum and capture yourself some pictures in an exhibition. I would love to see your results, post a link to your images in the comment section. Have fun!

I wish all of you a happy and relaxing weekend.


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  1. Ha, I knew my first line and what I wanted to say before the comment box opened. It went like “The second picture is my favorite”. Word for word the same as your first comment on here, but its the truth. I love the color contrast of the dressed people with the black and white photographs in the exhibit. In way I see the color as life in the surroundings that are still, the past, perhaps something no longer existing. Great work my friend. I’m such a fan.

  2. I love taking pictures in musea. Especially modern buidlings are very suitable because of the mostly vast spaces and wonderful light. And people frozen in a concentrated viewing of pieces of art are wunderbar too.

  3. Have shot pictures in few art exhibitions and photo exhibitions. It certainly needs a different eye! I like your attempt to provide fresh perspective for the photographers. 🙂

  4. The second picture is my favorite! Love the contrast between the family and the photos.

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