Monday Mountains (6)

Mount Jefferson, Oregon, USA

Mount Jefferson | Oregon | 2017 

Another episode of my Monday Mountains. For this I stay in the Pacific Northwest and introduce you to another of the Cascade’s great stratovolcanoes, Mount Jefferson,  neighbor to Mount Hood, the subject of the last edition of MM. For some more information about this stratovolcano and more photographs of the mountain I took from inside an airplane passing over it, continue reading after the jump….

Mount Jefferson, Oregon, USA

Mount Jefferson is a stratovolcano in the Cascade Range and with its summit reaching 10,497 ft (3,199 m) the second highest mountain in Oregon. With a very craggy appearance and 5 glaciers it is for sure a very photogenic mountain. The introductory photo I took with a tele zoom from the slopes of neighboring Mount Hood (about 45 miles away), the other two photos from the window of an airplane while enroute from Portland to Los Angeles. Today it is considered to be dormant,  the last eruption dating back to the last major glaciation about 15,000 years ago.

Mount Jefferson, Oregon, USA

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Have a great Monday!


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