Tour of Notre Dame (3) – Walk around the Lady

Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris framed by a Rose bush

It’s Easter Sunday, and a beautiful warm and sunny day it is in Nuremberg. Family is coming and The Significant Other, enlisting my services, has the Lamb alla Pugliese in the oven. Life is good.

To cap my three part series about Notre Dame de Paris, I invite you to an Easter walk around the Old Lady, that hopefully one day will rise from the ashes and be restored to all its glory…..

Fest Facade of Notre Dame

In case you missed part one (about the history and images from the interior) and part two (a trip up the main towers with views of Paris), you find the links here and here.

Today we are talking just a stroll up to the West Facade and it’s magnificent portals, with views of the many medieval ornaments, statues and gargoyles on the facade.

Main Entrance in West Facade
Figurines on Portal
Door Detail
Facade Detail with Gargoyles
South Portal

The South Portal with the magnificent rose window, and views of the lost medieval lead roof and the spire.

Side Portal Door
Apsis and rose bushes

View on the apsis from the church garden in the back.

Notre Dame and Bouquinistes

Heading across the bridge to the left bank of the Seine river, the classic view of the Cathedral and the Bouquinistes (book and art vendors).

Notre Dame from the banks of the Seine
Notre Dame with Bridge rail and wedding locks
View from Distance

That’s the view from the roof platform of the Institute du monde arabe near the Sorbonne.

Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris

This monochrome photo of the bouquinistes and Notre Dame behind caps my little series about this iconic building that was so severely damaged by last week’s blaze.

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to visit it multiple times. It truly is one of the most amazing structures on this planet.

I wish I had had the opportunity to take my Olympus camera and my prime lenses into the church, which would have given me much better options to capture Notre Dame in all its splendor. Also, because I feel I would have captured it in a much diverse way today, as, compared to those seven respective ten year old images, my photographic style has much improved. Also in post processing. But those old files are jpg only that I saved as I processed them back in the days. Today, snapping only RAW and with non-intrusive Lightroom processing, I will always have my original RAW files to work with in the future.

In case you celebrate Easter, I wish you and yours a blessed holiday, to all others I simply wish a splendid weekend!


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48 thoughts on “Tour of Notre Dame (3) – Walk around the Lady

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  1. Hallo Markus,
    eine sehr schöne Serie. Ich war vor vielen Jahren auch in der Kirche und sie hat mich tief beeindruckt.
    Mein persönlicher FAV. ist das letzte SW Bild.
    Viele Grüße

    1. Thanks for commenting, Caroline, much appreciated! Unfortunately, reconstructing everything is not possible anymore. For example take the original roof construction (dubbed “The Forest”) with one thousand three hundred 300 year old oaks. Trees of that size don’t grow anymore outside the tropical rain forests. So no chance to reconstruct, will be a steel roof for sure. Marcus

  2. These images are remarkable, Marcus. No matter the 7-10 year old technology, a good photograph is a good photograph, and you’ve captured this masterpiece beautifully. Post processing can improve upon an already good image, but most important are a great eye for detail, perspective, and composition. All of which you have in spades.

  3. You take such beautiful pictures! 💗 Oh my, what I would’ve given to have had a great camera when I sang across Europe as an 18-year-old. We performed in some beautiful cathedrals (the acoustics were 👌🏼) and I am so glad I got to see Notre Dame in all its glory.

  4. I know what you mean about wishing you could return now with the better equipment you have and an even keener eye, but really … your photos are absolutely stunning! Thank you for this beautiful vicarious trip back to one of my favorite spots on Earth.

  5. I love all these angles and compositions. You’ve captured the cathedral so beautifully. I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter holiday!

  6. Great pictures, good to have and good to look at them. Even though you say it’s “only jpg’ and you would photography it differently today…….these ARE beautiful pictures, the angles, details you captured….

  7. Hello Marcus,
    thank you for the very impressive photo galeries of Notre Dame.
    The fire reminded me of the “burn out” of St. Marthas Church in Nuremberg in 2014 and its reconstruction, ressurection and reopening in 2018.
    To me, it is comforting to learn, such a rebuilding is possible. The money will be there.
    Concerning the Gargoyles, I would like to remember Andrew Davidsons novel Gargoyle, Toronto 2008 and Berlin 2009 in German translation, quite a lot of which plays in Nuremberg and Engelthal.
    Seasonal greetings

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Bernd! I also thought of St. Matha, as Nuremberg went through this as well. Thanks for pointing out the book, it sounds very interesting and I will check it out! Hope you had a great Easter! Marcus

  8. Thanks for the Easter message, Marcus! May She rise from the ashes. I spent time yesterday scanning my slides from my 1986 visit, but they need a bit of work. Maybe I’ll wrestle with them next week 🤔

  9. They are wonderful photos Marcus. I’m grateful to have read your post. I haven’t had the pleasure of going. I look forward to a time when it’s restored and I can go.

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