Spring Streets

Symmetry | Nuremberg | 2017

Spring has blessed the Streets of Nuremberg, people all are out and about, seeking those warming rays and a relaxed Saturday in Nuremberg’s pedestrian zone. Also for me an opportunity to look for some fresh street photos with my Olympus PEN-F. In this shot it was the striking symmetry of sun bathers on the bench, pedestrians moving into the scene from both sides in the background and the window dressing dummies right and left of the tree that caught my eye. Me and my significant other were sitting in a cafe enjoying a great double espresso and I was merely waiting for the elements to fall into place. Image specs are 1/320 sec @ f/5,6 and ISO 200. I shot in P-Mode. Fore some more photos and the stories to the images continue after the jump….

Sun Seeker
Sun Seeker | Nuremberg | 2017

It seemed that everyone was looking for a peaceful place in the sun. In the photo above it was the geometry of this high contrast scene that caught the eye, the reading girl on the steps sitting nicely on my rule of thirds grid lines. The image was shot at 1/800, f/9 and ISO 200. This was much brighter than the first scene, hence the need to increase shutter speed and narrow the aperture, which also helped sharpness across the scene.

Waiting Game
Waiting Game | 2017 | Nuremberg

Sure my significant other likes to shop. No problem for the avid Street Photographer, there are often opportunities to shoot inside the shop as well. Readers of this blog know of my love affair with dressing dummies in shop windows 😉 ! This image was taken with the same specs as the first image, 1/320 sec @ f/5,6 and ISO 200 in P-Mode. Focussing on the dummy close to me combined with the wider f-stop ensured to throw the street outside out of focus. I just had to wait until a passerby walked into the scene.

Bringing Joy
Bringing Joy | Nuremberg | 2017

I leave you with this photo of a puppet player. The old man looking on had so much joy watching the performance, it was so sweet to see. I shot this in P-Mode as well with 1/400 sec at f/6,3 and ISO 200.

Wish you all sunshine and a great day!


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  1. Marcus, these are a nice series of images.
    When you started writing about spring in Nuremberg I expected images of warm and bright colors. It was a bit of a shock to my sense of spring to see these in B&W. I think of B&W images as being more documentary, cold and calculating. Definitely my bias.

    1. Thank you, Tim! You have a point there, did not think about his consciously. The thing is, for my Street Photography I generally follow the more classic monochrome approach. As long as color does not significantly contributes to the story an image tells I convert it to monochrome. Which is also true for those 4 images. I felt like spring when shooting on this splendid day, but I guess the storyline of those photos isn’t necessarily spring, it was more about geometry, contrast and some (non spring related) emotions. But thanks for bringing it up – I need to be more conscious on this. Marcus

      1. Marcus, you’re fine. I guess I’m being a bit picky because I’ve had photography jurors comment about my images when I included something in the subtitle that was not in the image.

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