Street Photography Quick Tip (3)

Taking a break
Taking a break | Stockholm | 2016

Street Photography Quick Tip 3 – Practice shooting “blind”

All of a sudden the job that pays my bills has almost completely taken over my life, it’s tough to find time to go out shooting these days. Still I thought I can quickly post another of my Street Photography Quick Tips. One of those short, easy to read and easy to use tips that I think could help you while shooting in the streets. Today’s post is complimenting my previous tips about shooting inconspicuously. It is about practicing to shoot “blind”. If you want to find out how, continue reading after the jump.

Sometimes it is essential to shoot from the hip, overhead or with the camera in front of your stomach (as described in my last Quick Tip #2). This requires you to press the shutter without looking through the viewfinder. Sure you can use a wide angle focal length and a narrow aperture (large f-stop number) like f/8 or f/11 to help you capturing your intended subject within the frame and in focus.

Still, chances are that initially there will be a lot of hit and miss. Actually, getting your subject into the frame without looking through the viewfinder or at your LCD screen. is more difficult than you might think. Try it! Take your camera down to the hip, look around you, identify a subject you would like to take an image off. Point the camera into the direction where you GUESS  it will capture your subject and press the shutter. Only then check on the LCD screen how much of the subject you actually managed to capture. The more you practice shooting “blind”, the more accurate your “position guessing” will eventually become, a very helpful skill when shooting inconspicuously in the streets. The best thing is this practicing can be done anywhere, at home, in your office, when being on the road, wherever.

Take your cam and practice. And have fun!

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  1. Really useful tip! And I agree to the previous comment about overly photosopped pictures. After a bit of studies on photography I’ve stared to appreciate BW photos much more. Very interesting blog! Thank you for your like on my page 🙂

  2. Thanks for the helpful tips. I always wondered how to make a street photography and that people did not see that their is shooting. I have does not work. I hope your tips help. As you correctly wrote “don’t blush” : )

  3. Nice shot. 🙂 That’s funny too because today I saw a very interesting man sitting at Starbucks, and I really wished I knew how to snap a sneaky shot with my phone. It would’ve been great. Anyway, love the photo. He looks sad though. I hope he finds some happiness. 🙂 Have a great day! Goodnight –

  4. I love the grinders and the tomato? sauce bottles. What’s he looking at on his phone … did he have a handle of beer to drown his sorrows … is he sitting alone … such an interesting image. 😀

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