Around the World in 12 Days – Taiwan

Don't mess with me
Don’t mess with me | Hsinchu | 2017

Sunday morning, still in Portland, my alarm went of at 4am in the morning. I left for the airport, dropped the rental car at 5:30 and boarded an Air Canada turboprop for Vancouver, the flight lasting about one hour. After takeoff I was treated to some nice city views of Portland, then the Columbia River on its way to the Oregon coast. Then it became cloudy until Vancouver, where I caught some glimpses of the skyline while landing.

After a three hour layover I boarded an Air Canada Boeing 787 Dreamliner for the 12 hour flight to Taipei. Sitting on the right side I was able to see the beautiful misty fjords and islands of British Columbia, later the mountains on Alaska’s South Coast and the Aleutian islands. After crossing the Pacific Ocean the first landscape I was able to spot in the distance where the mountains on Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula, then the Kuril islands, before flying across Japan, then down the Eastern Chinese Sea to Taiwan, where we landed in Taipei at 3pm local time on Monday afternoon.

Leaving Canada Sunday morning, arriving Taipei on Monday afternoon? Yes, possible, because we crossed the dateline eastward and “lost” a day in the process. Time difference between Portland and Taipei is a whopping 15 hours, although the “physical” time difference is only 9 hours (when we landed in Taipei at 3pm it was midnight in Portland – albeit not Tuesday, but still Monday). Sounds weird? It sure is, and it messes up your system pretty bad. A driver picked us up and took us to Hsinchu, which is an industrial city an hour drive south of Taipei. We got into the hotel at 5pm, where we were due to meet our Taiwanese host for a dinner at 6:45pm.

While the other two in my travel party decided to hit the bed for a bit of relax after the long flight, I rather took my camera and went on a photowalk to check out what there is to see around our hotel, knowing this hour I had would be my only opportunity to see a glimpse of Taiwan on this short 24h stay. Venturing around the blocks I found a little temple and experienced life on the streets of Hsinchu.  Nothing spectacular. But it made me happy and satisfied that I managed to experience a bit of Taiwan at all…even it was just a short walk around the hotel….business travel reality….

After the jump find some images I was able to capture…..

Guardian | Hsinchu | 2017
Tall and Small
Tall and Small | Hsinchu | 2017
Temple | Hsinchu | 2017


Scooter Alley
Scooter Alley | Hsinchu | 2017

Scooters seem to be the main mode of transportation on the streets of Hsinchu. Especially eye-catching are the whole families riding together on a single scooter. The little ones in the front position obviously enjoy themselves.

Another thing I really noticed is how many people on the streets, workers in shops and restaurants walk around with face masks on, obviously protecting them from germs or air pollution, even though I thought the air was pretty clean compared what I’ve experienced in big cities on the China mainland.

Units | Hsinchu | 2017
Camouflage | Hsinchu | 2017
Thinking Purple
Thinking Purple | Hsinchu | 2017
Crab's Life
Crab’s Life | Hsinchu | 2017

I hope you enjoyed this 45 minute photo walk through the streets of Hsinchu, Taiwan. As usual, the photos were taken with my Olympus PEN-F and the mZuiko 14-150mm F/4-5.6 travel zoom.

After just about 24 hours on the ground in Taiwan we’re heading to China mainland and Shanghai tomorrow – stay tuned!

Have a great day!


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  1. Amazing photos and glad you got to see the more traditional part of Taiwan, the temples and the everyday life of people. If you could next time, you should take a trip down South, very beautiful. There is a good reason why they called it FORMOSA

  2. Almost went there earlier this year – were on a waiting list on a cruise, but never got on 🙁 Those photos make me think I still want to go..

  3. Fantastic photos but seeing all of the people on the same scooter kinda freaks me out about their safety (I’m such a Mom!). Glad you at least got a little time to explore and treat us to some killer pix!! 🙂 All that travelling though but get exhausting!! Have a beautiful day!

  4. Marcus, another wonderful series. I’m pleased that you took the opportunity to walk around, even if only for a short time. One of the standing jokes about ridership on scooters – if you see 4 people on a scooter you know there is always room for one more. It’s true.
    Your image of the 7/11 sign outside the temple is a bit common. There are well over 5000 7/11s in Taiwan. You can do most everything in a Taiwan 7/11 – pay bill, order and receive clothing, pay parking tickets, buy more time on your cell phone, etc. It is a convenient store to the highest degree. I miss their convenience.

    1. Thanks Tim for sharing your thoughts. People really seem to pile up on scooters….And 7/11 is maxi useful, also here in Japan (where I am now). Have a good weekend! Marcus

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