Around the World in 12 Days – Shanghai

Shanghai Skyline
Skyline | Shanghai | 2017

This day of my business trip around the world ended with one of the most spectacular view on this planet. As described in my last post, we flew into Taiwan the day before. Suffering from jet lag due to 9h physical time difference to the US west coast, I had a short night, hitting the sheets around 10pm, then being wide awake at 3am in the middle of the night. I don’t fight jet lag, so I got up and started working on emails and doing calls. At 9am I was in our Hsinchu Office for management meetings and an employee town hall. A quick but great lunch with our Taiwanese hosts, then a driver took us back to Taipei airport were we took a brand new China Southern A350 for the 1h 15min flight to Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport. I was on the ground in Taiwan for less than 24 hours. I didn’t even get as much as a glimpse of Taipei city or the Taipei 101 tower.  Landing around 6pm we cleared immigration and found our driver who took us to the hotel in Pudong where we arrived around 8pm. Despite being dead tired after a super long day, I couldn’t let this opportunity slip away. Getting around Shanghai by taxi is cheap and easy. So I through my stuff in the room, changed into shorts and T-Shirt, grabbed the cam, and ten minutes later took a cab to drop me at the Pearl Tower for some quick nightly sightseeing around one of the world’s most spectacular skylines. See yourself after the jump….

Pearl Tower
Pearl Tower 1/30 sec f/4 ISO 1600 14mm

Arriving at the Pearl Tower there was a huge crowd at the base that was giving big roars. I read in the paper on the plane that the current German soccer champion FC Bayern Munich was on a promotion tour to Shanghai. And here they were, with all their stars, at the base of the Pearl Tower, having a rally with their Chinese fanbase. Franck Ribery and Robert Lewandowski are easily recognizable.

FC Bayern Munich in Shanghai
1/30 sec @ f/5.6 ISO 1600 150mm
Pear Tower Base
1/80 sec f/5.4 ISO 1600 47mm
Disney Selfie
Selfie at the Disney Store   1/60 sec f/5.6 ISO 1600 150mm
Shanghai Towers
World Financial Center and Jin Mao Tower   1/15 sec f/5.4 ISO 1600 70mm

Last time I was in Shanghai was 2010. Actually, I got stranded in Shanghai when the icelandic volcano eruption shut down all air traffic in Europe and the US for more than 10 days. Back then the World Financial Center (the tower with the “handle”) was barely completed.

Bund by night
1/13 sec f/4 ISO 1600 14mm
Huangpo River Shanghai at night
1/6 sec f/5.4 IS0 1600 F75.4
Shanghai Bund by Night
Shanghai Bund 1/25 sec f/5.4 ISO 1600 45mm

Next stop was the riverfront with splendid views across the Huangpo towards the Shanghai Bund with its colonial buildings but also many new modern structures that have been built in the last years. Then I took the little train that runs through the Bund Sightseeing tunnel underneath the river to the other side.

Bund Sightseeing Tunnel
In the train crossing underneath the river  0,4 sec f/4.9 ISO 3200 29mm

On the other side at the Bund, I was treated with one of the most famous skyline views on this planet. This is what I wanted to see, even if only for a few minutes. But enjoy yourself!

Shanghai Skyline by night
Shanghai Skyline  1/50 sec f/4.1 ISO 1600 16mm
Shanghai Bund
1/20 sec f/5.4 ISO 1600 42mm
LED lit towers
1/50 sec f/5.4 ISO 1600 45mm
Shanghai Skyline
1/10 sec f/4.7 ISO 1600 25mm
Shanghai Skyline
0,6 sec f/5 ISO 200 35mm

The view of new Shanghai Tower, with 632 meters the highest building in China and the second highest in the world is super spectacular, with the LED show on its surface including fireworks at the top. Absolutely amazing! The yellow lit second building from the right is the Shangri La hotel, where I spent my 10 days of volcano enforced exile in Shanghai back in 2010.

Jin Mao Tower and World Financial Center
1/8 sec f/5.6 ISO 1600 150mm
Pearl Tower by night seen from Bund
1/15 sec f/5.5 ISO 1600 90mm
Shanghai Skyline
1/6 sec f/2 ISO 200 12mm

Form the Bund it was back to the Hotel in another taxi, where I collapsed in my bad around 11pm after a 19h work-, travel- and sightseeing day. Life is not too bad 😉 !

Camera was again the trusted Olympus PEN-F with the mZuiko 14-150mm F4-5.6 travel zoom. the last photo was shot with the 12mm F/2 prime wide angle lens. I didn’t carry a tripod, all shots were taken hand held of with the camera rested on railings.

Tomorrow the next stop on my round the world business trip will be Seoul, Korea. Stay tuned!


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  1. Even as a resident in Shanghai, I still find these tourist attractions to be astonishing. My friends and colleagues still go to these places, and it never gets boring for us!

  2. We spend a month in 2015 in Shanghai. Love the way your captured the lighting in your pictures. I read in your earlier post that you visited Seoul. Couldn’t find any pictures! 🙁 Would love to see the way you capture it!

    1. Thanks so much, highly appreciated! I was in Seoul (rather in Pangyo). Unfortunately I had no time to slip away. But I loved the super kind people of Korea, more than enough reason to go back on day! Marcus

  3. Wahnsinns Bilder!!! Bin fast ein bisschen neidisch. Bei meinem Besuch in Shanghai hat es 2 Tage geregnet und es war schlimmer Smog. Erst kurz vor Abfahrt zum Flughafen gab’s einen richtigen Blick auf die Skyline!

  4. Spectacular photos Marcus, I’ve not been to mainland China but hope to one day. We were also stranded during the 2010 volcano eruption, but a little nearer home in Nice!

  5. The colours are wonderful Marcus, thank you for taking us along on you travels, looking forward to the next stop 🙂 Lynne

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