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Portland Color Night Steet Photography

It didn’t take me long to return to the Streets of Portland after my summer vacation. It was just one week, to be precise. Taking the 6am KLM flight from Nuremberg to Amsterdam and continuing with Delta for the 10 hour trip across the Atlantic was all to familiar routine. It is trip number 13 to the Pacific Northwest in 2017, and I’ll be here the next 10 days before heading back to Nuremberg for a week.

After lugging two Olympus cameras plus the big pro zooms around Namibia I travel rather light this time, just bringing the PEN-F plus the 12mm, 17mm and 25mm primes to do mainly street photography on the evenings I can escape into the city and for next weekend.

Also the rain in Rose City is all to familiar, but it is dearly needed to help extinguish all the bad wild fires that have plagued Oregon over the last months.

Portland Color Night Steet Photography

Portland Color Night Steet Photography

Portland Color Night Steet Photography

While in PDX I will finish my Namibia series in the next days and hope to add some fresh  photos from the Streets of Portland.

Have a great week!


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    1. Thanks, Amy, and yes, I made it to Outback. I might go there again tonight, but first I will visit a high school football game. A school in downtown Portland has the homecoming game, so I decided to turn back time 33 years to when I visited a Pennsylvania high school and we had our own homecoming game. Life’s not too bad 😉 Have a good weekend! Marcus

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