Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows

I want to be real
I want to be real | Nuremberg | 2016

Another week, another photo challenge from Word Press’ “The Daily Post”. The theme this time is “Windows“. And after being late with the challenge last week, I’m early this time 😉 . I can’t really show what was in front of my window this morning, as I was sitting next to an airplane window. And when, after a seemingly endless night, I opened the blinds this morning  while we approached Amsterdam there was…..nothing. After some splendid warm and sunny late summer days in the Pacific Northwest I’m back to the European rainy autumn weather. But in a few hours I will be back home, so the weather will be not something I will overly care about the next days.

So coming back to the “Windows”-Challenge, I need to revert to some monochrome photographs from my archives. To see my variety of “windowed” shots continue after the jump….

Portland Pearl District
Thoughts | Portland | 2017
1/80 sec @ f/2.8 and ISO 400
Windows | Portland | 2017
Hudson Bay
Hudson Bay | Canada | 2017
Imprisoned | Dallas | 2016
Playing a guitar for himself
For himself | Porto Azurro | 2016
Windows of Hope | Tanzania | 2016

In my Learning Center I also have a post about shooting Storefront Windows, check it out! Have a great Thursday !


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  1. I always draw inspiration from your pictures. Although of late I have been capturing large number of pictures from my mobile phone. I loved one of the pictures – guy playing guitar in front of window. Great shots. I always found monochrome better when it comes to portraits.

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