StoNur on the Road – Hamburg


Hamburg Speicherstadt   |    1/250 sec @ f/5.6, ISO 200, 150mm focal length

The world will look to Hamburg these days, where the leaders of the world’s major nations will meet for their G20 summit. Reason enough for the Streets of Nuremberg to pay a visit to one of our nation’s most fascinating cities. A city crossed by a major river. A city with a rich maritime history, with one of Europe’s major harbors. A city full of old historic buildings, of mind-blowing  modern architecture, and plenty cross-over old made new in between. For a collection of photographic impressions of Hamburg continue after the jump….


Binnenalster   |    1/500 sec @ f/9, ISO 200, 90mm focal length

We spent a weekend in Hamburg last summer, which is a perfect city for a weekend trip. As camera I brought my Olympus OM-D E-M1 with the mZuiko 14-150mm F/4.0-5.6 travel zoom. One camera, on lens, the goal was to travel light. And for city sightseeing where you need to shoot wide as well as zooming in on details this is my preferred camera/lens combo. All but two images were taken with the Oly, only the two monochrome street images of the Guitar Hero and the Bar shot (that you might have seen before on this blog) were taken with my iPhone.

We started out with a walk on the Binnenalster, one of many Hamburg waterways, with its palatial buildings and a historic steam ship cruising by.

Shoppers in Hamburg

Shoppers  |  1/250 sec @ f/6.3, ISO 200, 100mm focal length

Europa Passage

Europa Passage   |   1/100 sec @ f/4.5, ISO 200, 14mm focal length

Watch your back

Watch your back    |   1/160 sec @ f/5.4, ISO 320, 75mm focal length

A good opportunity for shopping is the Europa Passage shopping center at the Ballindamm.

Merchant Home

Merchant Home   |    1/160 sec @ f/8, ISO 200, 31mm focal length

To the other side of the shopping center many historic merchant homes line the streets, and there are plenty o places to sit down an relax.

Fountain and Coffee

Fountain and Coffee   |    1/640 sec @ f/5.5, ISO 200, 90 mm focal length

City Hall

City Hall    |    1/320 sec @ f/8, ISO 200, 14mm focal length

Maritime History

Maritime History      |    1/100 sec @ f/5.4, ISO 400, 47mm focal length

One of Hamburg’s architectural pearls is the city hall with a beautiful courtyard well worth visiting. As Hamburg is actually one of Germany’s federal states, it is also the home of the parliament.

Playing Ball

Playing Ball at Sankt Michaelis   |   1/25 sec @ f/5.4, ISO 320, 60mm focal length

Sankt Michaelis (or Michel as said by the locals) is Hamburg’s principal church and the landmark of the city. It’s huge bell tower offers splendid views across the Elbe river, city and harbor. Well worth climbing the many stairs!

Sankt Michaelis

Sankt Michaelis   |   1/100 sec @ f/5.4, ISO 400, 45mm focal length

Old Town Houses

Old Town Houses    |   1/60 sec @ f/4.2, ISO 500, 18mm focal length

Around Sankt Michaelis are also a few of the remaining historic town houses that survived the destructions of WWII.

Long and Short

Long and Short   |   1/250 sec @ f/8, ISO 200, 20mm focal length


High End Shopping   |   1/60 sec @ f/5.4, ISO 250, 80mm focal length

Back down towards the inner city passing beautiful administrative buildings like the Hamburg chamber of commerce and many high-end boutiques and other shopping opportunities.

Hamburg 01

Guitar Hero  / iPhone

The Landungsbrücken, Sankt Pauli and the Reeperbahn are the main locations for entertainment and nightlife. Hamburg’s has also a few Musical theaters where you can see major shows like the “Lion King”.

Dancing Towers

Dancing Towers   |    1/4 sec @ f/3, ISO 3200, 14mm focal length

Drinks before the Show

Drinks before the Show |  iPhone

Herz von St. Pauli

St. Pauli  |   1/50 sec @ f/4.7, ISO 3200, 25mm focal length


Reeperbahn   |   1/13 sec @ f/4.5, ISO 3200, 22mm

The next day we did went on a harbor cruise, the best way to explore the city and the harbor from the water and get the real maritime feeling that Hamburg offers.

Hamburg Harbor

Hamburg Harbor    |   1/400 sec @ f/10, ISO 200, 58mm focal length

Cap San Diego

Cap San Diego   |   1/640 sec @ f/9, ISO 200, 120mm focal length

Historic ships that also can be visited are moored to the Landungsbrücken, the Docks of the city. Always visible is the latest architectural and cultural pearl of the city, the Elbphilharmonie concert hall (I already did a separate post about this).


Docked   |   1/500 sec @ f/9, ISO 200, 90mm focal length

Despite being 100km from the mouth of the Elbe, the harbor is a major seaport, the 3rd biggest in all of Europe. Regular ship routes connect Hamburg with 900 cities in 170 countries. The world’s largest ships enter the port at high tide.

Harbor Tour

Harbor Tour   |    1/400 sec @ f/7.1, ISO 200, 14mm focal length


Cargo   |   1/500 @ f/10, ISO 200, 34mm focal length

Harbor Tour

Harbor Tour   |    1/640 sec @ f/10, ISO 200, 16mm focal length

River Beach

Elbe River Beach |   1/400 sec @ f/10, ISO 200, 45mm focal length

The harbor cruise also offers plenty views of the nice beaches near Blankenese as well as of modern structures like the Dockland building that looks like a ship itself.


Dockland   |   1/500 sec @ f/10, ISO 200, 75mm focal length


Landungsbrücken  |   1/640 sec @ f/10, ISO 200, 80mm focal length

Returning to the docks we were treated to beautiful views of the skyline and the Sankt Michaelis bell-tower.


Hafencity   |   1/125 sec @ f/9, ISO 200, 60mm focal length

Finishing off our Hamburg trip we strolled through the Speicherstadt (see first image of this post) with its old brick warehouses and the adjacent modern Hafencity with its splendid apartment buildings, moored boats and yachts and the famous Elbphilharmonie towering above the river at the end of the island.


Elbphilharmonie     |    1/320 sec @ f/8, ISO 200, 67mm focal length

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of Hamburg and get some impressions about the city where the leaders of the world meet for their summit this Friday and Saturday. The summit pretty much shuts down the city. Also many protesters are expected. Let’s hope Hamburg get’s through those days alright.

Have a great Thursday!


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    1. Dankeschön 🙂 ! Das war das Olympus 14-150mm F4-5.6 Zoom (entspricht 28-300mm im Vollformat). Wenn ich durch Städte laufe und nicht viel Glas rumschleppen will ist das meine Go-To-Linse. Klein, leicht und zufriedenstellend scharf.


      1. Es gibt inzwischen einen Version II die “regendicht” ist. Man kann die V1 (habe ich) auch gut und günstig auf dem Gebrauchtmarkt erwerben. Die Linse ist halt für’s Reisen unschlagbar – immerdrauf halt. Wenn ich am Dienstag auf meine um-die-Welt-in-12-Tagen Dienstreise starte ist das Glas auch wieder das der Wahl, zusammen mit der PEN-F.


  1. I have a friend who grew up in Hamburg and have gotten to know the city vicariously through his descriptions — so it’s absolutely fascinating to see HH through your eyes! It looks much more modern and cosmopolitan than I would have expected. And your photos are simply wonderful! You’ve explored just about every aspect of the city it seems, from everyday shopping to international shipping. I think I will suggest to my friend that he visit your post to reacquaint himself with his childhood city. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Execellent photography, Marcus!! Love HH, my favourite city in D. And this comes just right in time, Mr Trump has just landed. You take off with this one. 🙂
    Greetings from Norway, Dina

    Liked by 1 person

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