Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

Mighty Guitar
Giant Guitar | Nuremberg | 2016

Scale” is the theme of the Word Press’ Weekly Photo Challenge for this week. Scale is about perspective, seemingly unusual sizing of objects in relation to other objects due to their placements relative to each other in the focal pane, or due to unusual viewpoints, for example by looking down from extreme heights or looking up at things from the ground.

This is a creative playground for us photographers with almost unlimited possibilities. To see my entries for this week’s challenge, consisting of street- and travel shots as well as a couple aerial photographs I made with my little drone in Namibia,  continue after the jump…..


Big Feet
Size 100 | Nuremberg | 2017


Dwarf and Giant
The Giant and the Dwarf | Nuremberg | 2017


Kuiseb Canyon
Kuiseb Canyon | Namibia | 2017


Fish River Canyon
Fish River Canyon | Namibia | 2017



Harbor Tour
Harbor Tour | Hamburg | 2017


Georgia Aquarium Atlanta
Sub Sea Dwarfs | Atlanta | 2012


Spiral Harmony
Spiral Harmony | Vatican | 2004


A Man and his Trumpet | Nuremberg | 2016


Big Little Scooter | Nuremberg | 2017



Audience | Nuremberg | 2016


End of the World | Portugal | 2014

I hope you liked this tour in the world of playing with perspective to let objects seem either big or small. And maybe it inspires you a bit to take your cam and try it yourself.

For all my tips and inspirations around photography visit my free Learning Center.

Have a great Thursday!


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  1. Immer wieder schön so ne herrliche Sammlung an verschiedensten Aufnahmen und Ideen zu sehen… Ist auch ganz spannend um sich mal selbst zu reflektieren was die Entwicklung fotografisch angeht…!

  2. Some nice pictures again, Marcus. Little big scooter and spiral staircase are my favorites. Drone is banned in India but some people do use it.

      1. I have heard that in US if people see one over their house or backyard, they don’t mind shooting it down with a rifle or something! well, invasion of privacy is taken quite seriously in US. Out here it is considered a terrorism threat or something!

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