Travel Day (7)

Airport Rush
Catch the Plane | Amsterdam | 2017 

After all,  I slept three full nights in my own bed before heading westward across the big ocean once more,  for about the gazillionth time this year. Sometimes I wonder what the constant exposure to high altitude radiation will do to my body. Today’s trip is Nuremberg – Amsterdam (where I am now)  – Chicago. Instead of my usual Delta flight I’m on a KLM flight with the hope to find some new inflight movies that I haven’t seen yet (which is almost impossible) and a new menu (Delta changes it’s food offerings only once every three months, so honestly I can’t see that stuff any more).

I absolutely love Chicago, the perfect city to combine street- and architectural photography, but this trip is business only and I won’t even make it downtown during my roughly 30 hours on the ground. In an office park near O’Hare airport  I will meet my peers from other international corporations for our annual round table get together, and I’m really looking forward to this meeting. Tomorrow night I will continue on to Portland for a full week of regular project work, before flying back home in time for the last October weekend (and hopefully a week off).  After the jump you can see a few shots I took while being bored during my air travel, there is always an opportunity for some photography 😉 …

Morning Airplane Window
Lofty dawn | Germany | 2017
Seat Map
Seat Map | Amsterdam | 2017
Morning Flight
Daybreak | Holland | 2017

Have a great Wednesday!


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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, highly appreciated! Traveling a lot comes with the job that pays the bills 😉 ! Unfortunately, my schedule is still crazy, my 18th trip to the US this year alone is coming up next week ;-)! Marcus

  1. Thats a wonderful photo, Marcus, the first one. I too was wondering about jet lag, I suffered with it, in fact it does put me off of flying , although I do like flying 🙂 Lynne

  2. Well, radiation is one thing. The other one is jet lag. How do handle this constant time zones “hopping” physically? Just wondering. I hope you don’t mind this rather personal question. 😯

    1. I don’t mind at all 😉 ! The thing is, I just accept jet lag. I never fight it, as in lying wide awake in a bed trying to find back too sleep. I go the sleep when I’m tired and have the opportunity. If this is 8am in the evening in a hotel room then I just sleep. And when I’m wide awake at 3am in the morning I get up, work on my photos or the blog or do emails and conference calls for work (someone on the globe is always awake in my job). I have to say I’m a person that can get away with just 5-6 hours of sleep forever. And this I always get. A nap in the plane, in a taxi, train, whatever. Not panicking about jet lag helps immensely to transition. If I’m abroad on a short week, I don’t try to adjust at all, I just sleep for example 9pm-3am every night, just keep that rhythm. But every human is different. What I never do is take any pills (sleeping aid), not even natural ones. Hope this answers your question 😉 ! Marcus

      1. Thanks for your detailed response. It sounds absolutely reasonable and very experienced.

        Have a good weekend – wherever you are 😉


    1. Thanks, Kristin, actually, airports are not that bad when you travel on business, have a status card and can use express lanes and airline clubs 😉 ! And they are always great places for photography! People are too busy to notice you! Marcus

  3. I really loved the dawn break pictures. The first one shot from the aircraft with two windows. And second in Holland. Do you shoot these with high ISO or use some sort of tripod?

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