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Chicago Impressions 17

I was in Chicago last week, but really I wasn’t. In fact, the only piece of it I saw aside from O’Hare airport, a hotel and a meeting room in the northwestern suburbs was a great view of the skyline from the plane as it crossed the Lake Michigan shoreline south of the city while on direct approach to the airport (the photo I took from the plane is the first you see after the jump). This is really a pity, as the “Windy City” is a great place to visit and photograph. So while sitting in my hotel in super rainy Portland I searched for some images I took during an earlier visit pretty much 9 years ago to the day. The camera I used back then was a Panasonic DMC TZ5. So if you like to see some Chicago impressions, continue after the jump…

Chicago Impressions 30
The only glimpse I got | Chicago | 2017

As already said, this very pretty view of the skyline was the only real thing I saw while in Chicago last week. So when you have a chance to visit, go to the observation deck of Willis Towers (aka Sears Tower – visible to the right of the above photo). With 110 floors it currently is the second highest tower in the United States (the tip is 527 m or 1,729 ft) and still the tenth highest building in the world. The view from the deck is truly stunning.

Chicago Impressions 04

Chicago Impressions 03

Chicago Impressions 05

Chicago Impressions 02

Chicago Impressions 06

The photo above was one of my first attempts at creating a tilt shift effect in Photoshop, transforming this highway crossing beneath Willis Tower in a toy landscape.

After the visit to the Sky Deck you best take a walk towards the Chicago River, enjoying the architecture around, taking some detail shots of the buildings.


Chicago Impressions 11

Chicago Impressions 09

Near the DuSable Bridge it is time to hop on a boat for a late afternoon river and lake cruise. To explore Chicago, doing it from the deck of cruise boat is the relaxing way to go.

Chicago Impressions 14

Chicago Impressions 18

Heading out to Lake Michigan first the ship passes historic Navy Pier (1916) and the old light house (1893).

Chicago Impressions 15

Chicago Impressions 01

Chicago Impressions 16

After enjoying views of the skyline from the lake the boat heads back up the Chicago River for more of the great architecture in Windy City. If you time it to be a late afternoon trip, the golden hour provides for really glowing building surfaces.

Chicago Impressions 22



Chicago Impressions 24

Chicago Impressions 28

Chicago Impressions 27

Chicago Impressions 29

I hope you enjoyed this little trip through downtown Chicago and out on Lake Michigan.

I really hope I soon will have the chance to return to Chicago with actually some time to explore and shoot the streets of the Windy City (back in 2008 it was long before I started with Street Photography).

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Great photos! Although, I don’t miss the traffic and weahter, I do miss the people.

      1. So true, and if you go to Seattle there is a Starbucks on every block. Well, it is scheduled to open in 2019. I’m sure you’ll have new photos of this one day. 🙂

  2. love 4 and 5 Marcus and some of the closer-up details after that. Not sure what it is but I could stare at skyscraper textures all day… fascinating 😀

  3. Marcus, Chicago is my favorite city and I enjoyed so much looking at your pictures.

    Your first attempt to create a tilt shift effect came out very successful. I also like how you composed photographs of buildings. Very creative compositions!
    I have to visit Chicago again some day.

  4. Brilliant as always and you make line photography look like a piece of cake. I visited the sears tower many years ago as I lived in Milwaukee and I will never forget the views. Wish I ha$ a digital camera back then lol.

  5. These were taken long before you started street photography? Wow! I’m very impressed. You got some fab pics and I especially love the one from the boat cruise. I hope I get the chance to visit Chicago one day!

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