Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered


Weathered” is the theme of Word Press’ Weekly Photo Challenge. Maybe you’ve read my post about our visit to the diamond ghost town Kolmanskop in Namibia that we visited last summer. There was nothing more “weathered” as these hundred year old buidings that are being slowly consumed by the Namib desert. So an easy choice for the challenge. For my collection of “weathered” detailed photos of the ghost town continue after the jump…














I wish you all an awesome weekend with plenty of sunshine!


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  1. Wow to the sand filled floors!! That’s amazing to see! Isn’t it ironic how beautiful destruction can be? I read once that we would be astonished at how fast nature and the earth would return to balance if humans were no longer part of the equation. “Time and tide wait for no man” as they say…

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Michelle! Yes, that town is amazing. How much history is buried in that sand. I remember seeing a series on Nat Geo TV about how our earth would look when we are gone and nature reclaims what we leave behind. Fascinating! Hope you’re having a great weekend! Marcus

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