10 Day Photography Challenge – Day 8

Family Roots
Family Roots | Nuremberg | 2018

Day 8 of Cassia Denner’s 10 Day Photography Challenge gives us the theme “Old Photo”. So I went into my shoebox of old family photographs and pulled out some images from the late 60’s and early 70’s (you could also say “from the last millennium”) showing me as a baby with my Mom (who worked as a children’s nurse, just as my Big Girl is doing now), my Dad as a singer in a band, me as a flower boy at my uncle’s and aunt’s wedding,  me on the arms of my Grandma and me holding my little sister.

Sorting through those old photographs, holding real paper prints in my hands, enjoying those memories associated, I wonder how looking at old images will be when my kids have reached my age. With all those recent family memories that slumber in the digital graveyards called a hard disc or even in more lofty places like the cloud. So in thirty years down the road, will we have a digital shoebox implanted on a microchip under our skin, and we can conjure images through a neural interface in our brains? Who knows, now that Elon Musk’s Tesla is orbiting our planet 😉

Talking about family photos and memories, I’m in the process of creating many new ones, as we are in the middle of the birthday celebrations for Big Girl (turning 20 yesterday) and The Significant Other (turning 50 today). All my love and best wishes to my two girls 🙂

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Have a great Thursday!


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  1. I love that you shared these old family photos Marcus. You can tell they hold so many precious memories. Happy Birthday to your significant other and to your big girl!! 🙂

  2. Despite modern technology, I would never get rid of all my old photos. ok all the last few years are on my hard drive, but all those memories in sepia, B&W and overly glorious technicolour should be cherished by anyone who has old photographs. Thanks for sharing yours. Looks like loads of happy memories 🙂

  3. Marcus, what fun to hold these images. I’m afraid that the tactile sense will be missed in the future. When touching these old images there seems to be a reawakening of the physical relationships that took place when these events were captured.
    Happy birthday to both your daughter and significant other. I hope the celebrations were wonderful and well documented.

  4. Love the picture of the one with your dad and the old mic. Would you ever get chipped? Not me. It just seems wrong. Happy Birthday to your wife and daughter.

  5. I am always amazed by your creative aesthetic. Happy birthday to both your daughter and wife! This is one of the loveliest ways to show your appreciation.

  6. A trip down memory lane with your lovely old photos Marcus and congratulations to both your wife and daughter on their milestone birthdays – I trust you are spoiling them both! Marion

  7. Happy Birthday to your wife!
    Marcus, I love to look at my old photos.
    It’s like traveling in time and refreshing some memories.
    It’s a wonderful photograph, there is so many precious moments in it.

  8. I love looking at old photos. You’re right about future generations. I really love holding photos in my hand so I’m planning on making some photo books of family gatherings to gift to my children. It will be a little costly but it will be worth it. I have over 22 000 photos on my computer.

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