10 Day Photography Challenge – Day 7

Air Art

Day 7 of Cassia Denner’s 10 Day Photography Challenge is something for the visual artist in me. The theme is “Art”. Instead of taking a photograph of a piece of art I decided to enter some art created by myself with my camera (Ricoh GR II) for this challenge. I’m not sure if anyone else considers these images of being “artsy”, but I like it and already envision it printed on acrylic glass on my living room wall (if cleared by The Significant Other of course). Do you have any idea what this might be? Try yourself in the comment section 😉

Air Art

Air Art

Air Art IV

Check out the blogs of the other participants: Cassia (our host),  Susan,  Gracie, ArianaJenna,  Arabella.

If you look for more tips and inspirations around photography, be sure to visit my free Learning Center. Take your camera, go out and create some art today!

Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. I adore these images, Marcus — they are both unique and arresting (even if they do make me a bit nervous because they suggest moderate turbulence while coming in for a landing :).

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      1. Of course! 😃😃 I’ve never done anything with long exposure before, but one of my friends once took some colored lights and made something really cool. It’s one of my favorite types of photography. 😀

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  2. As soon as I saw these I was going to suggest city lights from up above taken while commuting. Both Nuremberg and Portland perhaps? They could be made into some very cool large feature-piece artwork.

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  3. I do consider them to be art. Very much so. I’m thinking the first is a view of a city, with a football stadium, taken from a high vantage point, with deliberate but controlled handshake. Probably taken out of the window of an aeroplane during one of your many flights. That makes me think that the second and third are of airports during the stages of landing.

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    1. You are spot on, Richard. Apart from the football stadium being a race track. But this is Amsterdam from the air and Schiphol airport during taxi to the gate. And I used ICM (intentional camera movement) technique to get this kind of random images. Thanks for commenting! Marcus

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