Weekly Photo Challenge: A Face in the Crowd

Red-haired girl rushing by

The job that pays the bills has once more sucked up all my time and energy. And starting tomorrow it is back to traveling for me. First a short trip to Brussels for a workshop, and after spending the coming weekend at home, I will head over the big Ocean again for two weeks of project work in Portland, Oregon. Can’t say that I have missed stepping on a plane in the past four weeks.

So this week’s Word Press’ Weekly Photo Challenge is kind of fitting, as it has the theme “A Face in The Crowd“. When traveling, you embed yourself in moving masses of people, mostly total ignorant of their surroundings, only focused on catching their next train, plane or bus, or waiting in lines for security checks and passport controls. So here are a few Street Photographs perfectly suited to cover this week’s challenge. For more continue after the jump….



Rushing Traveler

Time is money


Car Reflections

Backlit Pedestrians_Airport Rush

From the Gallery 02


Underground Ascent

If you prefer inconspicuous photography of people moving about, shoot in the anonymity of the streets, as you as photographer are also just a face in the crowd.

Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. I always enjoy being discreet and clicking pictures of the people on move. So I enjoyed watching this set of pictures which you have posted. Motion blur and low light photography create interesting results. Technically, these are unusable but from an artistic point of view, these are great pictures. Thanks for posting, Marcus!

  2. Your photos bring back memories. I’ve rarely traveled by plane, but went to my eldest daughter’s wedding in Hawaii last the fall. Your photos remind me of ‘the reality of being embed in moving masses of people’, as well as difficulties getting through customs from Canada to the States.

  3. Great photos Marcus, it’s cool to see people going about their busy daily lives. Aren’t we a bit like Carpenter Ants, always busy busy busy working for the goal! Safe travels. 😎

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