It’s getting cold

Exhalation | Nuremberg | 2018

The winter is icing the Streets of Nuremberg, forecasts are calling for double digit freezing temperatures. I’ve put on my hand knitted Scottish sweater I bought 20 years ago on the Isle of Skye.

This street portrait from one of my last outings into town was taken with my PEN-F and the mZuiko 25mm F/1.8, a perfect combo for street shooting. As m4/3 has a crop factor of 2, this translates to a “Nifty Fifty”, a 50mm prime lens on a full frame sensor.

During my last trip into the city I got myself a Hoya R72 infrared filter, just to venture a bit into infrared photography. Not that is the perfect timing, as we are still a few weeks away from lush green foliage. But stay tuned for some initial results, the first images are processed in my library.

This is the great thing about photography, there are so many creative possibilities we can venture in with relatively small efforts and investments.

If you look for more inspirations and tips around photography, check out my Learning Center for a comprehensive link collection to all my posts designed to inspire and empower my readers.

Wish you all a great weekend!



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  1. Great capture Marcus! I can’t imagine more cold!! We had record warm days last week. It’s cooled back down a bit, but is rainy.

    1. Thanks, Amy, I’m putting on my huge Eskimo jacket and then I’m fine 🙂 Will be back to Portland rain next week, so I take the cold and the sunshine now! Hope you are having a good week! Marcus

      1. I live in down coats and wool socks in the winter! It’s been quite rainy here, but I suspect nothing like Portland rain. It does have a reputation for a reason 😉 Hope your have a good week too! -Amy

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