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Back to Business | Berlin | 2018

What I love about street photography is that is capturing everyday life as it happens. When roaming the streets, I’m always on the lookout for situations that reflect the stories of life.

This is a photograph of a business man walking seemingly away from the fun stuff happening in holidays. Like diving. Or, when you look to the far right, a bike tour.

The image works for multiple reasons. First, there are the juxtapositions of the man in a business attire and the lady diver. Another one is the man and the diver going in opposite directions. Then there are the similarities in their leg positions (it was the hard part capturing the exact moment). Then there are multiple layers to the image: the man in the foreground, the ad in the middleground and then the bikers and the subway in the background. And as extra element there is the partially hidden text message on the ad, something the mind automatically tries to decipher. Another compositional element is the triangle between the man, the diver and the bikers.

The photo is also symbolic for my day, as it’s back to work day after the Christmas break.

Image taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and the mZuiko 12-100mm F/4, specs are 1/25 sec @ F/4 and ISO 200, 38mm focal length.

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Wish you a great start into the week.


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    1. You have some awesome photographs on your blog, looking forward to see more. My advice? Be authentic, write what is on your mind and not what you think your audience wants to read. Post regularly. Interact with your readers, be part of the community. Perservere, because building an audience takes time. Marcus

  1. Marcus, you are so great with juxtapositions! And compositions! I agree that the photo is symbolic in many ways.
    Very compelling and excellent photograph!

  2. I like the juxstaposition of the photo. Definitely adds a lot of dimension ​to the photo. Great capture Marcus:)

  3. I think the businessman is calling up the guy on the bike! Such a great photo, Marcus–I really love all the layers in this one.

  4. Great analysis of the depth and complexity of good photography–photography as art, with pleasing visuals, purpose, serendipity and meaning.

    I would also say that the downcast angle of the man’s head conveys the sense of sadness at returning to work. And his becoming engrossed so soon after stepping off the train in technology (the smartphone) contrasted with engaging in actual, physical activity (diving, biking,even traveling to new places on a train) is powerful. With the text, it has that reality vs dream kind of theme, to me. 😊

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