It has been twenty years …


It was in the last millennium when I last loaded an analogue film into a SLR. Twenty years ago I bought my first digital camera. Since then I never shot another film photograph. But this is about to change.  Today I bought my very first roll of film in twenty years. And I’m looking very much forward to insert it into this 1970 SLR and take it onto the Streets of Nuremberg for some retro – decelerated photography. Stay tuned for the results.

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Wish you a great Wednesday!


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  1. It is going to be fun Marcus, defintely. I am an analogue photography lover because it is – for me – another medium to capture the world and to create beautiful scenes, with a singular texture. I am looking forward to enjoy your photos!

  2. A good choice on film, Marcus… I’ll be interested to see what you find with the constraints on exposure. (What? No vibration reduction???)
    and did you find the loading of the film brought back tactile memories like it did for me?

    1. Sure I did…kind of hard finding suitable replacements for the mercury batteries that are out of production. But I can always take my light meter with me for even more decelerated shooting! Thanks for commenting, Tim!

  3. Wonderful! I brought in my old Pentax Spotmatic F to be overhauled…..but it is still not quite right. I would love to try rolled film again…..enjoy!

  4. Enjoy’ I’ve been doing more and more film photography and loving it. For me it’s the physicality of film shooting, the film is a ‘thing’ with real physical images on it, it’s not like an SD card. Also the whole mechanics of winding the film and the shutter noise of those old film cameras is totally unlike the experience of digital. Of course you also don’t know what you got till it’s processed, and 36 on a roll means you really think about clicking that shutter 😂

  5. Cool. Happy shooting. It was about 4 years ago when I tripped across my old Nikon point and shoot with 17 shots left on the roll. I shot them at a gathering of friends and then took it in for printing. The shots took me back to how things used to be. I am sure the quality suffered a bit from the age of the film and how long it had been sitting in the camera. Allan

      1. Go for it! I’m still liking this little 35mm lens I purchased the other day, it seems to capture colours better and with beautiful focus. 👍🏻

  6. Marcus, I will be looking forward to seeing your photographs, but even more so, I will be interested in your thoughts and overall experience shooting film again. This should make for a great post!

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