Shoot anywhere, anytime

Commute | Nuremberg | 2019

I know I’m neglecting my blogging, but life is kind of crazy these days. But not only my writing is affected, I also haven’t had time to go out shooting in what seems a lifetime. That said, I still try to capture at least one image a day. I even have embarked on a couple of 365 challenges but never finished one. But sometimes it just hits me, and I pull out whatever camera I have with me (and if it is my cellphone) and look for something to shoot. And if it is capturing legs in the subway. Who cares. A small visual pushup. And a satisfied feeling after. There are better days ahead!

Have a great Thursday!


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  1. I definitely feel like I’ve had much less time to shoot, but still try to occassionally capture photos with my cell phone. Life seems to ebb and flow with phase of time and inspiration.

    1. The good thing is, Amy, no one puts pressure on us to shoot. We can just do it when we feel like it! Never being without our cell phones (at least I) we also always have a cam with us when we feel the urge 🙂

      1. Indeed! Thank you Marcus.
        If you are in for some tropical images and bananas in particular, then you can find a new post out of Uganda on my site.
        Take care and hopefully you can enjoy some sunshine on this Sunday.
        Daniela ☀️☀️☀️

  2. Great shot as always Marcus. Things have been crazy here too. Would you believe a jackdaw came down our living room chimney at the weekend whilst we were sleeping and wreaked havoc over our light coloured furnishings! Fortunately we’re insured but it’s an awful mess right now to sort out! We’ve never had a bird incident before and it was just as well the door was closed as it could have gone into other rooms too! Definitely need another holiday! Marion

    1. How crazy is that, Marion. Like a story straight from a horror movie. Just imagine the jackdaw getting into the bedroom at night. Good you had insurance, bu the efforts to fix all this…..Thanks for commenting, Wish you a fab Sunday! Marcus

  3. Keep the spirits up, Marcus. Like share markets, there are cycles. Till then, anything and everything to keep clicking!

  4. I have been neglecting my camera time recently, but went out in the sunshine yesterday and the day before…and just shot anything!good for the soul!

  5. Tell me about it, Marus! I too neglected my blogging since January and I am happy that I am back at it again. But hey that photo of yours tells a story. Two female friends gleefully talking to each other, gadgets in their hands but nah their conversation is way much important. 🙂

  6. Yeah Marcus, I noticed you’ve been away but Life comes first! I hope and yours are well. 😎

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