Look down while walking

Still Life of a lost glove lying on a wet street
Still Life | Nuremberg | 2019

When walking down the streets, you should always be conscious about what lies ahead of your feet. Just so you don’t stumble. But also photographically speaking, it can be worth to scan the ground ahead.

This lost glove, lying at the entrance to a subway station, caught my eye. I liked the shape, that almost looks like a life hand is still inside. That just threw away the spit-out, flattened chewing gum. Or a baseball glove that’s stretching out for the incoming ball. Maybe you can come with some stories of your own. I also liked the texture of the concrete surface.

I took that shot with my iPhone XS, already having a monochrome conversion in mind, that I did with one of my Lightroom Classic CC presets.

This photo will also be my entry for this weeks challenge on 52frames.

The first appearance of spring was short-lived, and the rain has returned to the streets of Nuremberg. But we’ll be heading out again to celebrate a family birthday. And occasionally I will also look down while walking.

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Have a great Sunday!


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  1. Marcus, this is very creative! I used to look into the ditches and found many interesting things there.
    The photograph is incredible! I like very much the texture and contrast!
    Wish you a nice and peaceful week!

  2. I noticed all the micro-cracks in the pavement too, really adds to the shot Marcus. The gum is a different story!

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