Yesterday morning at 4am, The Significant Other, Big Boy and myself took to the roads to head down to Italy. Using only my Olympus PEN-F and the 17mm F/1.2 prime lens, I gave myself the assignment to document our 850 kilometers / 530 miles voyage.

2019 Mercedes E220 Cockpit
On the Bridge | 1/125 sec – f/1.2 – ISO 1600

From Nuremberg we drove down southwest towards Lake Constance, where we crossed into Austria for a couple of kilometers, then through the eastern parts of Switzerland towards Chur. Big Boy thoroughly enjoyed himself driving my new company car (it turned out he drove us the whole 10 hour trip), while his mother snoozed in the back and I snapped happily away with my PEN-F

Rear View | 1/60 sec – f/1.2 – 17mm
In the Tunnel
Tunnel View | 1/2 sec – f/2.5 – ISO 200
Crossroads | 1/320 sec – f/5 – ISO 200
Up the pass | 1/250 sec – f/2.2 – ISO 200

From Chur we drove up the Rhine Valley to cross the major European mountain range, the Alps. We crossed the mountains via the San Bernardino pass, which reaches an altitude of 2066m / 6788 ft. Big Boy enjoyed navigating the tight bends of the narrow pass road on his first mountain crossing as a driver. We had beautiful weather and splendid views and really took our time.

Coffee Break
Coffee Break | 1/8000 sec – f/1.2 – ISO 160
San Bernardino
Up the pass | 1/250 sec – f/10 – ISO 200
San Bernardino summit
On the top | 1/160 sec – f/14 – ISO 200
San Bernardino summit lake
Mountain Lake | 1/125 sec – f/13 – ISO 200
Grand Tour
San Bernardino Pass | 1/400 sec – F/6.3 – ISO 200
Mountain Picknick
Mountain Picknick | 1/1000 sec – f/5 – ISO 200
Downward bound | 1/160 sec – f/13 – ISO 200

We drove down on the South side of the pass into Tessin, the southern most canton of Switzerland, then past Lake Lugano we crossed our third border of the morning into Italy, where we continued past Milan down towards the Mediterranean. Driving across the Northern Italian plains with its lush green rice fields, we stopped for an Espresso in one of the iconic highway bridge restaurants.

Espresso | 1/800 sec – f/4.5 – ISO 200
Last Tunnel | 1/3 sec – f/2.5 – ISO 200

Finally we crossed the Italian coastal mountain range, the Appenin, to reach the Ligurian coast near our former hometown Genoa, then turned right for the final 100km stretch along the Riviera Dei Fiori (Flower Coast) to Imperia, where we will be spending the next two weeks in a house with a view in the hills above the coast.

Almost there | 1/1600 sec – f/5.6 – ISO 200
Drink at the end of the road | iPhone

We reached our destination after a relaxed 10 hour drive just in time for the classic Italian afternoon Apertivo, before moving into our home for the next two weeks.

Holiday View
Holiday View | 1/125 – f/13 – ISO 200

It was a nice challenge for myself, documenting our road trip with only one camera and a prime lens, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Wish you all a great Sunday!


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    1. Thanks, Daniel, your kind words and wished are so much valued! Please take your Nikon, go out and shoot! It is so much fun playing in the creative sandbox! Holidays or not 🙂 ! Marcus

  1. The road trip itself was beautifully recorded. So nice to have such a competent driver that you can sit back and enjoy the view. Looking forward to more photos of one of my favourite countries. If that last photo is a view from your accommodation you’ve hit the jackpot. Have a great holiday.

    1. Thanks, Carol, I really appreciate your kind words! New post is up 🙂 ! And yes, that’s our view 🙂 ! All credit goes to The Significant Other, she’s in charge of finding our holiday accommodations, and she always manages to hit the jackpot 🙂 ! Marcus

  2. I love road trips and Your post is awesome. Thank You. I love driving fast on German “Autobahnen” On one of our road trips to Germany we spend a week around “Bodensee”.

    Happy and safe travels!

  3. Nice pics! Enjoy your holidays, the table with the view looks fantastic

  4. Enjoy your vacation, it sounds wonderful. I bet it was nice to be in the passenger seat. That’s a wide lens, but you made it work, indoors and out. 🙂

      1. And I know that, and I wasn’t thinking, because I have that lens. Sometimes the brain just doesn’t work! 😉

    1. Have a fab holiday. I always think a road trip looks so much fun to start a holiday. Especially when you can take great pictures on the way.

  5. excellent work, congratulations to big boy for driving so many hours. And good job done from you sir. Nice photos good choice and mix of colourdred and white an black photos. Great memories for you and a nice article for the rest of us. Well done.

  6. Marcus, that was a true challenge and you were so patient and detailed.
    I had a great time watching these series of photos!
    Wish you a nice week!

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