Match Day

Match Day | Munich | 2019

Before Travel Day (to Portland) comes Match Day (in Munich). A very good friend got us tickets to the Bundesliga soccer match between FC Bayern München and Schalke 04 in Munich’s Allianz Arena. This awesome, sci-fi like stadium is just a 70 minute drive south from our house. To see some more street photography around the match and more impressions from the stunning arena, continue after the jump….

I want you | Munich 2019
The gear I used

I did not bring any of my big gear to the event, as the Allianz Arena does not allow larger cameras, like many other sporting venues. Therefore I just took my iPhone Xs and the tiny Panasonic TZ-61 compact camera. But they turned out to be the best combo for my visit of the match between reigning German champion Bayern Munich (about as dominant and as popular as the New England Patriots in the NFL) and archrival Schalke.

Boarding | Munich | 2019
Some facts about the stadium

Famous Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron have designed and built the Allianz Arena, which opened in 2005 and is one of the most spectacular stadiums on this globe.

The characteristic façade of the arena is made up of 2760 foil cushions, each 0.2 mm thick,  a total area of 66,500 m². The 45° anti-clockwise diamond-shaped cushions can be illuminated autonomously and in several colors and brightness levels. During home games of the FC Bayern, they feature the traditional deep red.

Pre Game | Munich | 2019

The light and sound effects in the stadium are state of the art as well. They create a truly fantastic atmosphere for the usual sell-out crowd of 75.000.

Below the Big Screen | Munich | 2019
Wave the Flags | Munich | 2019
Emotions | Munich | 2019
Audience | Munich | 2019
Panoramic View

We really had excellent seats directly above the Ultra fans. They really create a fantastic atmosphere by singing their battle hymns and waving their flags throughout the match.


And yes, there was also the match which was dominated by the home team. The final result was 3:1 for Bayern München.

Allianz Arena | Munich | 2019

To visit a match in the Allianz Arena is always a treat, because it is very difficult to get tickets. All the games are sold out and most seats are in the hands of season ticket holders. But if you ever have the opportunity to see a match of the FC Bayern be sure not to miss it!

I wish you a great Sunday!


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  1. Wow! That is so great! I wish I could see a match at the Allianz Arena! Definitely the best stadium of all time. Shame how Bayern lost yesterday. They had the form to reach at least the semis this year.

    1. Thanks, Kabir, I really appreciate your kind words! Yes it was a shame how Bayern lost. But the team is overaged and over its peak. It will most likely be enough to win the national title, but I don’t see them going far in Europe in the coming years unless they rebuild the squad. Marcus

      1. That is completely true. Bayern needs to sign more young players. And they have already started doing that with players like Benjamin Pavard and Lucas Hernandez being linked with moved to Bayern. However, it is their attack which is overaged and needs to get more young blood. Lewandowski might not be around for many more years and they need a direct replacement for him.

  2. Colors are pooing up specially o the stadium exterior pictures… Its you, not the gear the gear who elaborated color in such a fiery way,,, amazingly well shot pictures!

  3. Wow, a red stadium, almost looks like it might suddenly fire up rockets and take off into space. I once passed the Allianz on a coach, took a couple of crooked pictures. It was daytime and white then.

    1. Aren’t night games in a stadium always fascinating? Must be the same in Rugby. I was watching it a lot when we lived in South Africa. Thanks for commenting, Marion, much appreciated! Marcus

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