Hockey Fans

Fans | Portland | 2018

Strolling around the Rose Quarter, a sports and entertainment district located east of downtown Portland on the banks of the Willamette River, I saw a couple of Hockey Fans waiting in front of the Memorial Coliseum. This couple caught my eyes, so I walked up to them and asked them what game they are waiting for, as Portland doesn’t have a NHL team. So they educated me about the Western Hockey League, where hockey is played by young athletes between 16 and 20 years old. The league consists of  teams coming from Canada and and the Northwestern US. The Portland based team is called the Winterhawks.

Joan and Ron told me they like the passion with what the kids play the games, that it is a very laid back atmosphere at the games that, obviously, are much more affordable to watch than the high profile NHL games.

And after a very nice conversation they happily posed for a portrait.

Today is my last workday in the Rose City, tomorrow morning I head back home via Seattle and Amsterdam. Can’t wait!

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Have a great Thursday!


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  1. It’s so great that they are out supporting the youth! Your approach to street photography seems to bring lots of amazing conversations! 🙂

  2. I love how you chat and take portraits. I don’t like sneaky street shots of strangers without their permission. Though I realize it would be quite a utopia for no streets photos like that to exist! Someone (was it you?) pointed out that street photography is also documenting the scenery for the future, whick makes me more lenient 😄 But i prefer it when people openly approach their subjects and ask for permission. Especially if the intention is to publish the shots. In short, I love your style! And of course, I love the people who choose for the portraits, always interesting (and aren ‘t we all) 😊 Have a great weekend, Marcus! Xx Snow

    1. Thanks, I REALLY appreciate your words. And it was me that pointed out the documentary purpose of Street Photography. But what really speaks for this open approach to Street Photography are the totally interesting conversations with total strangers that come out of it. Most time I just start a conversation before even asking for the portrait. Amazingly, most people appreciate being approached and talked to. For sure this is a change in their daily routine. And it all starts with a smile. Who doesn’t like being smiled at? Have a great weekend! Marcus

      1. I thought it was you 😊 And yes, I remember also reading that you like the interesting conversations. Thanks for posting them, they are interesting for the rest of us to read, too!

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