Love was in the air

Wedding party standing in a heart photographed from the air
Love is in the air

Love was in the air, when our godchild married last weekend. And what an event it was for me, as I was the official wedding photographer, from shooting the formal portraits in the morning to documenting the emotions of the ceremony. From taking group shots to capturing the fun of the party. A whole day with a camera in my hand.

It was a big responsibility, but I lived up to my own expectations. I’m happy with the results and so is the bridal couple, based on the first photographs I sent them the day after. Every free minute this week was all about editing and retouching.

I will write about my experiences of shooting my first wedding as official photographer and post some images, once I submitted my work to the happy couple.

Later today, The Significant Other, Big Boy and myself will head to Berlin to visit best friends and spend the weekend in our Nation’s capital.

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Wish you a great Friday


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  1. Every Wedding photography is different and important because it will copy your big day, it will copy your best memories, it will tell a special romantic and beautiful story of your special day. The day you will never forget.

  2. Mit den vorherigen Kommentaren schließe ich mich gerne an zu den guten Wünschen für das junge Paar, die Hochzeitsgesellschaft und den engagierten Paten. Herzlich, Bernd

  3. Congrats on both the wedding and the successful photo shoot. I have done a few weddings as favours and know how stressful it can be to make sure it all works out. Cheers. Allan

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