Maharana Fantasies

Boat landing of Jag Mandir Palce Udaipur by Night
1/160 sec | f/1.8 | ISO 1600

A two day business trip to Chicago. A weekend at home in Nuremberg. A week of vacation touring Jordan. One night at home. Then a four day business trip to India. After crazy two weeks spent on three continents, I’m finally back home for good on the Streets of Nuremberg. A bit worn out, I have to admit, but with some magic impressions from Incredible India.

Jag Mandir Palce Udaipur by Night
1/6 sec | f/5 | ISO 1600

A new project had me travel to Udaipur in India’s Rajasthan province. The Significant Other and myself have been there some 25 years ago during a three week tour of India and Nepal. With a population of just about half a million, Udaipur is one of India’s smaller cities, but one of its most visited, because it is known as “Venice of the East”.

Several lakes, in particular Lake Pichhola, are enclosing the city centre, above which towers the large Maharajah Palace, in which the Maharana of Mewar ruled until 1956 (the family is still living in parts of it). Lake Pichhola features summer palaces built on islands, in particular the Lake Palace, that was the location for parts of the James Bond film Octopussy with Roger Moore from 1983 and is a famous hotel today.

The other pleasure palace located on an island in the lake is the Jag Mandir Palace, built in 1551 under Maharana Jagat Singh I. The palace can be reached by boat and is used as a restaurant. And this is exactly where we dined on our second evening in Udaipur.

I brought the Olympus PEN-F with the 17mm F/1.2 lens on the trip and was able to capture a few shots of the splendors of almost 500 year old Jag Mandir Palace while arriving with the boat. Dinner took place in the little pavilion to the left of the Elephants in the image below. It was fabulous (have I ever mentioned I love Indian cuisine?) and a truly memorable experience.

Details of Jag Mandir Palce Udaipur by Night
1/125 sec | f/1.6 | ISO 1600
Udaipur City Palace by Night
1/25 sec | f/1.2 | ISO 1600

On the way back to the city I took this photograph of the gigantic city palace. Despite the short stay packed with meetings I was lucky to have been able to catch some glimpses of this beautiful Indian city. And prior to returning to the airport the following day I was able to take a stroll through the alleys around our office and do some street shooting, that I will share in tomorrow’s post.

Wish you a great Saturday!


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  1. Happy to see these beautiful pictures from a city close to mine. The word close is relative. Although a few hours away, but when the context is continents, it is certainly closer!

  2. Wonderful images of lake Pichhola, in Udaipur. I have been there a few years ago on my solo trip through Rajasthan spending a few days in Udaipur, and I really loved that city, there is a certain magic to it. Did you have a chance to visit the famous palace?

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Cornelia, so much appreciated! I’m glad you know the beauty of the city! Unfortunately I had only two nights and plenty business meetings, so the dinner was all I got. Hopefully next time! Marcus

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