Shoot everywhere

1/80 sec | f/4 | ISO 320 | 18mm

You should shoot all the time. Use every opportunity to press the shutter. Shoot everywhere. Even in a changing room of a department store. Look for gesture, shapes, lines, layers. Just train your eye, and snap away.

Like I did here while being shopping with The Significant Other this past weekend, using my Ricoh GR II, shooting in P-Mode.

Oh, and The Significant Other didn‘t buy the shirt 😉

Wish you a great Monday!


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14 thoughts on “Shoot everywhere

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  1. I have a great dressing room shot of my daughter trying on her dress for a semi-formal (while still wearing her boots socks). lol. She won’t be letting me share it though. 😉

  2. Marcus, if I did that I’d be a dead man! My wife doesn’t like being photographed under ideal circumstances… a dept store changing room….😡😡😡😡😡

  3. very cool! When I was in school, the professors told us “Take your camera everywhere!” And I hold true to that! You never know what will catch your eye!!

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