Back to work

After the two week Christmas break it was back to work today. It’s not that returning to the job that pays the bills made me cry today. But after a splendid sunny winter day yesterday, that is how the sky looked this morning. Kind of fitting, I guess. This image was the sole “visual push-up” I managed to get done today. Taken with my iPhone through the glass roof of my car. The shape and textures of the droplets just caught my eye. Every day with a photograph taken is a good day in the end.

Have a sunny Tuesday!


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  1. That is a great surreal photo taken with your iPhone, Marcus!
    And that’s is absolutely true that every day with a photo taken is a great day!
    Wish you a very creative 2020!

  2. Great photo Marcus. Sometimes, you just have to look up. A couple of years ago, I caught a similar shot through glass street awnings, mixed in with fall leaves. Happy work week to you. Allan

  3. This is a really appealing photo – it’s almost in two halves with the larger bubbles on the left and the smaller ones on the right… did you deliberately compose it like this? It looks really well balanced, a great composition!

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