Stuck in a window
1/2000 sec | f/2.4 | ISO 500 | 35mm

Took the Leica on a stroll into town on Saturday. There were noticeably fewer people on the streets of Nuremberg. Could have been due to the week of school holidays. But maybe it was the fear of getting infected with the new coronavirus that leaves people confined to their houses.

Although the cases in Germany are still very limited (today 129 out of a population of 83 million – no fatalities yet), there is a lot of concern of a coming pandemic. On Friday we got a company communication directing all employees that are returning from business or private travel to one of the hotspot countries (China, Korea, Italy and a few more) to not come to the office and work for two weeks from home.

The thing is, Italy, the worst hit country in Europe, is just a three hour drive south. And there will be plenty families returning from their ski trips to Northern Italy. And everyone is a bit unsure whether all of this is blown out of proportion, or if there is really an increased risk of a pandemic outbreak. After all, each year the regular flu kills a 5 digit number of people in Germany alone, and nobody really cares. But spreading fear seems to keep more and more people confined to their houses.

I found this photograph of a dummy in the display of a barber shop quite fitting to the situation. Taken with my Leica M and the Summarit 35mm F/2. Have I mentioned I’m totally in love with the bokeh from the Leica glass? That’s a jpg out of camera shot with the B&W film mode, I added a vignette in Lightroom.

You all stay healthy and have a great start into March!


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  1. Cool image befitting these scary times. Do we believe the scare mongering or just be sensible and practice good hand hygiene and hope this runs its course soon. My neighbour panic-bought a ton of shopping yesterday. Prophetic and prepping or daft and overreacting? Stay well Marcus.

    1. Thanks, for sharing your thoughts, Jill. The situations seems to get more and more crazy, I’m required to work from home as of today. How long, nobody knows…..have a great week! Marcus

  2. The perfect mood for these scary times. It invokes sadness and invites to ponder what was, is, and could be. A picture tells a thousand words my friend and you did it again. Hugs

  3. We’re flying to London in two weeks and are keeping our fingers crossed that things start to get better. My husband’s immune system has been compromised with all the illness he’s had to endure, especially in the last six months. I too thought the last photo was of a real person.

  4. A really appropriate photo Marcus. I have mixed feelings about covid 19. It has a death rate 10 – 20 times higher than the seasonal flu virus, which is a bit of a worry, but I also question whether we are overacting. I was in the pharmacy the other day and people were coming in and asking for hand sanitizer, and all of the chemist’s have run out of it.

    1. Crazy world, Richard! My Big Girl (who works in a hospital as a nurse) tells me that people are stealing sanitizers out of the hospitals, as everyone else is totally sold out. Stay safe, Richard! Marcus

  5. That is really a prophetic photo of what could be coming in this spread of the virus throughout the world. Hopefully not!

  6. I also thought the shot was a real person. Good one. She is definitely confined and at least safe from COVID 19. Yes, we are about to travel to Vancouver, which has a huge population of Chinese origin. Fingers crossed and proper hygiene protocols in mind. Have a good week, Marcus

  7. Oh my Marcus! I thought it was a real person with a penchant for goth. So glad to hear it’s just a storefront dummy. But you’re right, quite appropriate to the spreading fear (if not germs) all around us. Agree it’s far fewer deaths than a normal flu and seems quite docile unless one is elderly or otherwise immune-depressed. Stay healthy my friend!

    1. Thanks, Tina, didn’t want to scare you with the photo! But it was a kind of unreal scenery. I need to post the color version as well, the dummy has thin, bright red strands…You stay healthy as well! Marcus

  8. Eerie quality to your photo. As far as Coronavirus goes, the fatality rate is about 7 times higher than ordinary flu so people are right to be concerned.

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