This is why I love my City!

Springtime in Nuremberg
Springtime | Nuremberg | 2017

You want to know why I love my city? Just look! The first day of April is a day full of springtime magic in Nuremberg’s historic Old Town at the banks of the Pegnitz River. Maxbrücke to the left, Weinstadel and Henkersturm in the center, the wooden Henkersteg to the right. This would not have looked any different on a spring day four hundred years ago. Tomorrow before sunrise I’ll head back to the Pacific Northwest. But today I enjoy this splendid spring day on the Streets of Nuremberg.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Of course I am not surprised why you love your city:) If this was my city, I would love it too 🙂 Since it is not, and judging from your excellent photograph, all I can say is that I like very much what I see and given a chance I am going to visit for sure 🙂

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