The Long and Winding Road

1/400 sec | f/10 | ISO 200 | 29mm

Once in a while I like to name a post after a song title. Like in this case: “The Long and Winding Road” by the Beatles. If you don’t know it, check it out, a truly magic song. I was inspired by watching the movie “Yesterday” the other night, the story of a successless songwriter who, after a global power outage”, discovers he is the only person left on earth who remembers the Beatles and now makes a career of playing their songs as his own. And I happened to take a fitting image during one of recent mountain hikes.

Taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M1X and the mZuiko 12-100 F/4. A versatile combo, but a bit heavy to carry along on an extended mountain walk. Which is why I mainly carried the Leica M with the 35mm Summicron on our hikes, as landscape photography is mainly wide angle anyway and so I could save a couple pounds of load by taking the lighter camera-lens combo. Although, looking at the photograph, this would also pass as a street shot. Street? Mountain! With the long and winding road.

Wish you a great Friday!


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  1. Thanks for sharing another stunning image; great composition with the path and hikers leading the eye across the desolate landscape to the distant sloping high horizon. I have shared with all the appropriate attributions and links set in place; scheduled for Wednesday. Best Regards.

      1. We certainly did but sadly too many people took to the streets and spoiled things. Riot police were out and its not what anywhere needs right now. Hope things are getting better for you guys.

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