Monday Mountains (4)

Monte Rosa
Monte Rosa | Italy | 2004
This week’s Monday Mountains features majestic Monte Rosa (Mont Rose), the second highest mountain in the Alps and of Europe, with its main summit (Dufour Peak)  rising to 4,634 m (15,203 ft) above sea level. The mountain is on the border between France (Valais Region) and Italy (Piedmont and Aosta Valley Regions).  From the Swiss side Monte Rosa can be reached from Zermatt which also sports the world famous Matterhorn.

I took this photo on a freezing morning (15 degrees Fahrenheit) from the Italian ski resort of Champoluc. The wind was blowing ice clouds off the mountain.

Let me see your Monday Mountains…post a link in the comment section and make this a new WordPress regular category.

The Streets of Nuremberg passed another mile stone yesterday, reaching 1000 followers. A sincere “Thank you” to all of you, that is simply blowing me away. I would have never thought this would happen when I started this blog just about one year ago.

Have a great week!


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  1. Monte Rosa – I skied from Plateau Rosa from Cervinia Italy down into Zermatt when I was a teenager. My family spent a Christmas vacation in Cervinia many years ago. When we arrived it was unusual because there was no snow. Then in the second week it started snowing and it did not stop for three days what an awesome experience for. 16 yr old.

      1. Marcus – skiing on the glacier was pretty awesome I have to say. Seeing Zermatt from way up high like that is pretty cool then skiing down to it was a wow.

  2. So so beautiful and the mountain here in Reno were I live is called Mount Rose 😉. Being such a fan of your work it comes natural that I nominated you for an award as I cling to your pictures and words. No pressure though ok.

    1. Thanks so much, I feel humbled by your kind words an the nomination. The pressure for sure is on, as I need to work on three nominations already…lol…ad you know, I need to find blogs I nominate in return. So…be prepared 😉

      1. Haha no pressure at all friend and please do t feel obligated in any way. You know I’m a great fan of your work so it was hard to pass you up and I wanted to honor you in some way 😉. Whether you decide to participate or not is irrelevant. Hugs and have a fabulous weekend

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