Rain and Rights

Socially Masked

It’s been literally weeks that I was downtown with a camera, but today The Significant Other an I visited the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, one of our last outings before Germany goes back into a 4 week Covid lockdown coming Monday. Nuremberg is already a hotspot with new cases spiking, so the city imposed mandatory mask wearing for everyone inside a public building or shop and out on the streets. After exiting the Museum, I used the opportunity for some street shooting around the entrance to the Way of Human Rights, one of my favorite photo locations in the city.

Columns and Rain

So the shooting topic was rain and rights this evening. Which is kind of fitting to the current ongoing discussion in our country. While we and the vast majority of the German population accept the restrictions as necessary to brake the second wave of infections, there are quite a few that protest the mandatory mask mandate and the coming lockdown ordered by the government as being a violation of the law and their human rights.

Rain Biker
Rain and Rights

The Significant Other and I are enjoying a week of vacation. While the original plan to drive down to Venice did not materialize due to recent travel restrictions, we have been playing tourist in our own city and surroundings. At least we were lucky to be able to still visit a few museums this week and eat out each evening. Next week, this wouldn’t have been possible anymore.

So lets see what November brings, but with the lockdown for the whole month looming it looks like it will be even greyer and moodier than it usually is. So we need to color it up with our photography. If you need inspirations, check out my free Learning Center.

All photographs were taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M1X and the mZuiko 12-100mm F/4. I shot at shutter speeds between 1/15 sec and 1/30 sec at f/4 and ISO 1600. Raw conversion and post processing in Lightroom Classic.

Wish you a great Friday


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  1. I’m glad you were able to have a chance to get out before your next lockdown. Great collection of photos, Marcus. 🙂

  2. Lovely shots Marcus. Here in France we entered the second (eased) lockdown. Masks for everyone and justified reason to be outside at all times… There second wave is stronger than anyone expected I guess… Stay safe and creative!

  3. Marcus–maybe a silly question, but is your camera set to B&W or do you convert when you process? They are all wonderful photos.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Lois, so much appreciated! I normally shoot with the high contrast B&W program of my camera. That means, the image in the electronic viewfinder and on the LCD screen is black & white. I find that helpful when shooting B&W to visualize what I get before pressing the shutter. But I shoot both jpg and RAW files. For processing, I often convert the RAWs into B&W rather than using the monochrome jpg directly, because they have a much larger dynamic range and I can get more out of them in post. Makes sense? Stay safe! Marcus

  4. Wow Marcus,you and yours please be safe! Those who protest and refuse too wear masks are in my opinion, just another part of the reason why this situation continues to spike. Shame on them. The same nonsense goes on over here too, and the spikes. Honestly, I am home by myself 99% of the time, isolating.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, John, and you are so right. We always wear our masks and keep out of any people dense situations. The museum was practically empty (as were all we visited this week) and when we go hiking, we normally don’t encounter anyone. I guess this nightmare will continue throughout the cold season, minimum….Stay safe, John! Marcus

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