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High Contrast B&W

Chances are that you are sick and tired of hearing about polling these days. But I have another one for you – a preset poll. I’ve been playing around with Lightroom putting together some new presets.

Elegant B&W

And playing with Lightroom presets is definitely a good way of spending your time during lockdown. This architectural street photograph that serves as my playground here was taken during one of our very last visits to a Nuremberg restaurant just prior to us going again into a lockdown. My current favs are those two B&W and three color presets that I have applied to the RAW file.

Please let me know in the comments which of the presets you particularly like, your input is very much appreciated!

Punchy Color
Copper Color
Muted Color

The photograph was taken with my Olympus OM-D E-M1X and the mZuiko 12-100mm F/4. Image specs are 1/15 sec @ f/4 and ISO 1600 with 26mm focal length.

Thanks for taking part in this little preset poll.

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Have a great Thursday!


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  1. I love them all Marcus!! If I had to choose, I’d pick Punchy Color. Turquoises are some of my favorite pops of color.

  2. I rather enjoyed the Punchy color preset but I wonder how well that one will translate to other images. BTW I loved shooting Olympus. I miss my E-P2 every time I pick up my EOS R and am reminded of how heavy full-frames are. I love to push my film so the high-contrast Black and white was my personal B&W favorite.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Tobias! The punchy color preset will most likely work for high contrast, colorful indoor scenes. I wouldn’t consider it for landscapes. Glad you like the high contrast B&W! The small Olympus street shooters are great cameras, I love my PEN-F. Too bad its been discontinued. Marcus

  3. My fav is Punchy colour, the turquoisish colour goes so well with the brownish and black in this photograph. It fits most to the scene in my eyes, and brings such an elegance to it. It could easily be a 007 scene, by the way 😃. Elegant B&W is my second place. All about elegance, it seems for me.

    1. Thanks, Daniela, so much appreciate your feedback. Punchy color seems to be the overall fav here. But I’m glad you also like the elegant B&W. Hope all is well with you, stay safe! Marcus

  4. Definitely love that Punchy Colour preset which I was drawn to at first, but I think I like the Copper one a bit more! High contrast is fun to play with, but you do lose some of the details so for me the Elegant B & W is nicer. Looks like you’re having fun with editing 🙂

    1. Thanks, Linda, for sharing you thoughts on the presets. Glad you like the Copper a bit more than the others, I thing this is a fun one fitting the scenery well! Hope all is well! Stay safe! Marcus

  5. It’s cool that you’re using your time this way, Marcus. I have no idea how to make a preset but I enjoy using them, and then tweaking them a little. Recently I imported LR’s “Lone Pine”, Tokyo” and “Berkeley” presets – they’re really fun to use. Of the black and white above, I prefer the High Contrast one for this photo. Of the color presets, I like the Copper one and the Muted one. The white highlights behind the counter got too bright for my taste in the other presets. I really hope Germany doesn’t have to stay with the new restrictions too long. Take care!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing our choices on my little preset poll, Lynn, so much appreciated! I think I would go crazy these days without photography and playing with my images in post production. We are locked down until December 20th, for now. We might get the the Christmas Days “off”. Nuremberg is really hit hard these days. Stay safe! Marcus

  6. I love the ‘punchy’ Marcus, but the high contrast BW remains my favourite. Great photo.

  7. I love the ‘punchy’ Marcus, but the high contrast BW remains my favourite. Great photo.

  8. I love how they all offer a different emphasis and my favourites are the High Contrast B & W and Punchy Colour.

  9. My favorites in order of preference: High contrast B&W, Elegant B&W, Copper Color, Muted Color, Punchy Color. Looking forward to the results of this poll.

  10. I particularly like Punchy Color preset. The glasses behind the bar have an interesting color and glow. It is the best way to spend the lockdown – being creative and indulging in one’s passions.

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