Snowsolation | Dillberg | 2021

What looks like a scene from the arctic is actually just a few kilometers from my house, on the Dillberg. With 600m (2000ft) above sea level it is one of the higher elevations in the area. A perfect place to for some sportive activities in the snow, properly socially distanced. Or as I call it, snowsolation.

Shot with my iPhone

Have a great Saturday


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  1. Beautiful! A perfect gradient of the colour grey-blue (no idea what the actual word is for that colour haha, but I tried 😋). Thanks for sharing!

  2. What an impressive shot! I saw the year before noticing the location and thought for a moment that somehow, amid the global pandemic, you managed to get yourself to Antarctic.

  3. Marcus, my first comment didn’t go through.
    This is an incredibly beautiful minimalistic scene of the vastness snow with skies.
    Wish you a nice weekend.

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