Subsea Sushi

Fish swarm in a restaurant

How about eating Sushi while a swarm of fish is hanging lifelike above your head? The other day, The Significant Other and I enjoyed just that… Subsea Sushi in the Streets of Nuremberg.

Bar under the fish

Nuremberg has quite a few restaurants that not only serve great food, but also allow the creative eye to feast visually. Good, that the avid photographer always carries a camera, even without carrying a camera. But for those instantly arising opportunities, the ever available smart phone serves just fine.

Kokono Sushi

Obviously I captured the images in color, and they are as stunning in color, but somehow the contrasts, shapes and textures called for me to change the jpgs into monochrome in post-processing.

Backlit staircase

It’s these suddenly arising, unexpected creative moments that are the salt in the soup of daily life and provide great opportunities to do some visual push ups.

Taken with my iPhone 12 Pro Max, post-processing in Lightroom Classic.

Have a great Thursday


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  1. Agree, the monochrome is perfect. And what a striking decor, yet so appropriate for the restaurant. Seems like you are in fact underwater looking up at the school of fish!

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