My favorite photograph of 2022

View of Genoa Harbor
Room with a View | Genoa | 2022

As mentioned in my recent post about my photographic journey of last year, I did not include my favorite photograph of 2022 in that gallery. But here it is. My fave image of last year. The one I looked at the most. The one I showed around the most. The one that means the most to me. I titled it “Room with a View”. The thing that makes it stand out for me? It is the view from our living room balcony.

Last year, The Significant Other and I realized a dream many years old. Since having lived in Genoa from 2001 to 2005, we have fantasized about one day getting us a little place there. After all, it’s only a seven hour drive from Nuremberg. Three years ago we decided to try to turn the dream into reality and actively started to search for a little apartment. The key premise was it needed to have a view of the port, the city and the sea. It took us two and a half years to find the right place, and we closed the deal in May. The needed renovations took until December. It was quite a project. Last night was the first time we slept in our little Happy Place. We made the dream reality. Now we have a room with a view. This is my favorite photograph of 2022.

Have a great start into 2023, and keep pursuing your own dreams. One day they can become reality!


A weekend in La Superba

Street ? Harbor!

Halloween Ghost Tour

StoNur on the Road – Portofino

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  1. Honestly, I wondered why that was your favorite photo of the year – until I read the text! I totally get it now! Congratulations, that is fantastic! One of the best things about Europe is that different countries and cultures are so close to one another geographically. I’m glad you’re taking advantage of that. Enjoy!!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Marcus. A worthy project, …
    even if it ate up some of your camera time.

  3. Congratulations to you both. Certainly a stunning view to enjoy from your balcony. I hope you have many years of pleasure visiting there with your family. Will it be a boat next!

  4. Congratulations on making your dream come true, Marcus. It is a beautiful view for sure. Blessings to you and your family in 2023, and may you enjoy your new get-away as often as you can.

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