Man sitting in bar with green illuminated panels, potentially getting himself a hangover

The political correct term should be layover, rather than hangover. After all, the dictionary definition for layover is “a period of rest or waiting before a further stage in a journey.” But I’m sure, the one or other patron of this waterhole might also get himself a hangover while waiting for the connecting flight. I captured the scene at a bar in Amsterdam airport. You’ll find another shot from this perfectly illuminated “Theater of Street Photography” after the jump…

Man sitting in bar with green illuminated panels

The Significant Other and I are heading to Seville, Spain. Not only will this be shift from the pressures of the job that pays the bills to a week of needed vacation, but also the transition from winter (we had light snow when we left Nuremberg) to near summer when we land in Southern Spain. Hallelujah!

Wish you a great Saturday!


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  1. Excellent photos. First one is my favorite. Definitely deserves retaining the color. I’ve always preferred back and white but some images demand color. Enjoy Seville. I was there in 2014 and got some great street shots.

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