The last man

Isolation - a single man descending an escalator in an empty mall
The Last Man | Flims | 2023

Sometimes photography just happens. The Significant Other and I are vacationing in Grisons in Switzerland. Unwinding, relaxing, mainly hiking around the beautiful mountain landscape. Today we had an off-day. In the afternoon we drove to close by Flims, the principal Ski Resort in the area. Now, in summer, it basically is deserted, apart from mountain bikers, a few tourists and the local folks. Shopping for some groceries, we entered recently built, futuristic looking shopping center that is mainly built underground. I took out my iPhone 14 Pro and started snapping pictures of the shiny modern architecture, already thinking monochrome. Then the man appeared on the top of the escalator, with the rest of the scene totally deserted. Like the last man in one of those end of civilization movies. I had my street photograph and a story.

Isolation - a lost jacket lying on a stylish mall seating bench
Forgotten| Flims | 2023

William Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women, merely players”. My stage today was the empty underground futuristic looking shopping center in a little Swiss Ski Resort. Looking around for more shots along the line of my last man theme, I saw the sweater over the armrest of the abandoned designer seating area below the escalators. And finally a shot of the empty “arena”. After the last man has left….

solation - empty escalators in a deserted high tech mall
Lost World | Flims | 2023

Images taken with my iPhone 14 Pro. Postprocessing in Lightroom Classic.

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  1. What a great place to play (photographically-speaking 😉)! Great shots and, yes, round of applause for your unsuspecting subject appearing to complete your image. Very cool.

  2. Oh these are lovely. I love finding spaces like these with unusual angles combining and becoming abstract when framed a certain way. Very nice!

  3. Wow Marcus, your photos are fantastic! In the last image, I seem to lose my sense of vertical. Which way is up! The lone man reminds me of the actor Peter Capaldi who was a Doctor in the Dr. Who series. 🇬🇧❤️

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