Travel Day (1)

Homeward Bound
Homeward Bound | USA | 2017

What a week, what a trip. Portland (Oregon), Cypress (California) and Plano (Texas) all in one week. Some readers asked about some shots from Southern California. There are non. I did have a dinner at Huntington Beach, but it was dark and apart from this dinner event there were only airports, hotels, meeting rooms. After a full week away from home (I left last Sunday before sunrise, will return this Sunday late afternoon) I’m looking forward for some nights at home, before heading back to the US (Detroit) the week after next. Right now I sit in the Lounge at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Intl, waiting for my transatlantic flight to Paris. There is nothing glorious about Business Travel. Photographically I’m happy noneless, ’cause I got this great shot of the Heineken Bar I already posted. One good shot a week makes me happy 🙂

You all have a great Sunday!


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  1. What a stunning photograph! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your blog posts, and seeing your uniquely eye-catching photographs. Keep up the good work 🙂

      1. Oh man. Don’t tell me all that travel isn’t a dream come true. I get that its business but still! I’d be off my rocker having fun lol. 🎶 enjoy!

  2. You are so right when you say ‘There is nothing glorious about Business Travel’ its just very tiring and most of the time very boring. We do not fly, but spend hours going from one end of the UK to the other in the car or by train. But I am lucky, I do manage to get a visit to somewhere in 🙂 That is a lovely photo, enjoy your time at home 🙂

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