Super Sunday

Cathedral of Light | Texas | 2015

Super Sunday is here. Super Bowl LI is upon us. The Atlanta Falcons take on the New England Patriots. Since my days as exchange student in the USA in 1984-85 I’m an American Football enthusiast. Since then I have watched every single Super Bowl live on TV, even when here in Germany the game is on in the middle of the night. Not to mention that during NFL season usually my Sunday evenings are full of football as well. So you can call me a hardcore fan of this game. I rather not mention that since my exchange year my heart belongs to a team that has been notoriously success less  in the past twenty years, even though in this year they showed some signs of life again. I hope I live to see them reach the big game once more.

To see more monochrome photos of one of my live football experiences and read about some  of my thoughts about the game continue reading after the jump…..

Brady Bunch
Brady Bunch | Texas | 2015

During the past years I managed to visit a few NFL games. My last one was in 2015 when I got to see the Dallas Cowboys play the New England Patriots in the amazing Jerry World (aka AT&T Stadium) in Arlington, Texas. That day it was another strong performance of the Pats. I am in no way a fan of the Brady Bunch (hint: my team plays in their division), but I have utmost respect for this organization. Owner, Head Coach, staff and team have built a dynasty and each year overcome whatever obstacles are thrown in their way. Professionally I regard this organization as a perfect team and they prove year over year over year what a perfect team is capable of achieving. And Tom Brady is arguably the greatest player of all times.

Friends | Texas | 2015

What I admire about US sport in general that fans from both teams mix and mingle without getting into fights (something that is seemingly impossible in European Soccer) and sharing the love for the game. I love the atmosphere around NFL games with the tailgating parties before and after the game around the stadium. I wish we had this here in Europe.

The Fairest Of Them All
The Fairest Of Them All | Texas | 2015

Despite all criticism towards the violence of this game and the commercialism generated by the league (and all of this needs to be seen rightfully as critical) the game and the show around it does an important thing: for those three hours it brings people and nations  together and  makes everyone watching it forget for a moment the chaotic world we live in.

I wish everyone a happy Super Sunday and to all of us watching Super Bowl LI a peaceful and exiting game!



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    1. It was the first year of the joint exchange program of US Congress and the German Parliament. It was facilitated by an organization called “Youth for Understanding”. I spent the year in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. Nothing but fond memories, since then I’m an adopted American 😉

      1. These exchange programs are wonderful. I ran the Rotary Youth Exchange program for a large Rotary club in Utica NY. The highlight of each year was listening to the stories of the students who returned to the club. My family hosted, I think 5 students. My son went to Brisil for a year as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student. With all of this very unfortunate shutting down being attempted by the U.S. president it flies in the face of so much good that exchanges do for students, and host and sponsoring countries. I’m so pleased to know of your positive experience.

      2. How wonderful, Tim! It is people like you, Tim, who through working with visiting students positively touched so many young lives and who are the true face of America. Welcoming foreigners and bringing out the best in them is so much in the DNA of your country! It is unimaginable that this could change.

  1. Beautiful photographed in black and white. I like how your captured the special athmosphere. Enjoy the Super Bowl, Marcus.

  2. “What I admire about US sport in general that fans from both teams mix and mingle without getting into fights…”

    Provided you don’t enter the Eagles stadium wearing the opposing team’s jersey. Regrettable, but that’s how they roll in Philadelphia.

  3. Since my Houston Texans aren’t in it I’ll go with the Patriots! I agree love the black n white and liking football makes you an honorary US citizen…now if you switch to Texans as your favorite you can be a good honorary Texan! (No cowboys! Ha ha ha!😄!) Were hosting so I hope we do it well :)!!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love that you showed them in monochrome. Even more impressive.

    And even though I don’t get American football rules (or Baseball come to think of) I really do love the atmosphere there – usually every sports event is a family event. How often do you see families (with smaller children) at Bundesliga soccer games? Tailgaiting parties are fun, too.


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