Travel Day (2)

First Flight
First Flight | Tanzania | 2016

It’s travel day again. I’ll get up at 4am to be at Nuremberg Airport for my 6:15 KLM flight to Amsterdam (remember the great Heineken bar in the Terminal?) and then onwards with Delta to Seattle where I’ll arrive at 11:24 am local time. Then its a 3 hours drive via Interstate 5 down to Portland where I’ll arrive just in time for the big Kick-Off meeting of my new project that will take me to the Pacific Northwest quite a bit over the next couple of months. It will be a 26 hour day before I get to fall in a bed again. Need to catch some sleep on the plane ! Going west helps with the Jet lag. Will try not to adapt too much to the 9hours time difference, as my flight home is already Saturday.

The photo of the Marabous I took a few minutes before sunrise in Tanzania last year with my Olympus OM-D E-M1 with the mZuiko 14-150mm F/4.0-5.6 Travel Zoom. Image specs are 1/60 sec (handheld) @ f/5.6 and ISO 200 with the zoom at the far end of its focal range. The RAW conversion was done in Lightroom CC, where I increased contrast, dynamic and clarity. I increased also sharpness a bit (you always need to do that when working on a RAW file. What is important is to mask  the sharpness so you limited sharpening of pixels to the high contrast edges of the birds and the branches so you avoid over sharpening and subsequent introduction of unwanted noise in the clouds.

Have a great Wednesday


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  1. Marcus, I hope your fights have gone well. Portland is a great place and maybe better for photography than Seattle. They have three theaters that keep screaming at me to come up and photograph them during blue hour. Someday!

    1. Thanks for your advice, Tim. As there is torrential rain outside I haven’t seen much. After having good flights into Seattle I drove down to Portland and went directly to the office for meeting. Only just now I drove downtown where I stay in the Heathman Hotel. Downtown really is vibrant even in the rain and there plenty theaters, restaurants and bars nearby. Well, as I will be spending al lot of time in Portland during the next months I’ll have plenty opportunities to explore the city photographically.

      1. Marcus, I’m glad your flight went well.
        The cityscape including the river and bridges are nice. You probably don’t time to travel to Oregon’s west coast near Lincoln City but it would be well worth the time. You’ve seen a number of Neskowin Beach images. If you do then let me know and I’d try to point you to some of the most stunning coastlines going.

      2. Like that, thanks for the offer. Folks here say the coast is a 90min drive, but I haven’t looked at a map yet. When I have a free weekend here I will let you know and ask for those tips!

    1. Thanks Louise,really appreciate it. Just got into my Hotel after a 26 hour day with maybe two hours of sleep on the plane. These are long days, but manageable. I know I’ll be wide awake at 4am the latest 😉 . But its the job that pays the bills…..

  2. Stunning photo Marcus. I enjoyed visiting the National Parks in the Pacific North West perhaps you’ve had an opportunity to visit them when not on business. Hope your meetings go to plan. Marion

    1. Thanks Marion for your kind comment! Actually this is new territory for me, been to Seattle a few times but that was that. But spring and summer are coming up and plenty trips to Portland that will include weekends to explore the National Parks and mountains in the vicinity.

  3. Wow. I suppose you knew I would love this! So beautiful Marcus!!! And the color…wow. Thanks for sharing. It is awesome. I wonder if you are in the sky right now… Like a bird lol. 🐦✈

    1. Thanks Janet, yes I knew you would love this 🙂 ! When you posted I was in the sky, but after arriving safely in Seattle I drove down to Portland for an afternoon and evening of meetings. Now back in the hotel I must concede this was a 26 hour day (deduct the two hours of sleep on the plane). But an upgrade to a suite in the Heathman Hotel made my evening.

      1. Wow. Sounds like you’re busy lol. My friend lives near Portland. I might go visit her in August. Never been there. Glad you are safe and sound and I love this image!!! I am working on a bird for other blog as I type. 😁🐦❤

  4. WOW! This is fantastic photograph, with the sky and with the birds… I loved it. Have a nice and safe flights,and travel. Thank you, Love, nia

    1. Thanks Nia, really appreciated your wishes, and I did arrive safely. Wish the sky here was like the African one in the photo, but besides it is night now it has rained all day. Have a great day with sunshine yourself! Marcus

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