Instant Inspiration (12) – Playfulness


“Instant Inspirations” is my series for you if you feel you suffer from “Photographer’s Block”  or simply want to shoot something that you have never tried. Or at least not recently. Episode 12 should inspire you to go out and capture “playfulness”. For more exemplary photos, some advice and the links to all previous episodes continue reading after the jump…

Street Photography is about capturing and documenting everyday life of everyday people. Something I’m looking for when roaming the streets are playful scenes. People having fun, with props or without. Children playing, running around, faces all smiles. A good thing is, playful people having a good time have much less issues with someone taking their photos, especially if you smile at them and signal that you enjoy what they are doing. Obviously, certain restrictions apply. If you photograph children that are not your own, make sure you get the consent of the parents first, especially when they are recognizable and the main subject of your image. It is not that difficult at all. Just a smile, a small signal with the camera gets the job done 80% of the time. Or I explain what I do, that I’m  a Street Photographer that has fun documenting life. I tell them about my blog and hand them one of my Street Photographer’s Business Card. If people object, I simply move on.


City Centers offer plenty opportunities to capture playful scenes. There are many street artists performing fun things and interact with people. If you drop them a coin or two they have no stress with you taking a photo. Go near fountains, there are almost always playful children nearby. There are so many different ways to capture playfulness. Take your camera, hit the streets and look only for those kind of scenes. Focusing on an assignment like this trains your photographic I and your creativity.

young boy splashing water on camera

Wave the Flag



I hope you take some inspirations from this photos. Take your camera, go out and find yourself some playful scenes to capture. I would love to see your results, post a link to your images in the comment section. Have fun!


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