Weekly Photo Challenge: Textures

Greenland from air 02

This week the weekly photo challenge (WPC) from Word Press’ “The Daily Post” has the theme “Textures“. Without questions there are innumerable ways to photography textures, both man made and natural. To meet the challenge I decided to post a small collection of textures from the surface of our planet that I took from airplane windows, both natural and man made. To see more continue after the jump….

Greenland from air 04

Greenland from air 05

Greenland from air 11

Monochrom Aerial Photography 02

Monochrom Aerial Photography 05

Monochrom Aerial Photography 09

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  1. Amazing and at the same time exciting pictures. A little different. The texture of our earth of today, seen from above. Wondering how it looked if human didn’t exist.. / Anita

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