10 Day Photography Challenge – Day 4

Espresso Cups
Weekend Espresso

Day 4 of Cassia Denner’s 10 Day Photography Challenge carries the theme “Coffee”. Which is good…Coffee…Sunday….you get my point?  I need to add a second coffee related photo though, as the “Streets of Nuremberg” have their own coffee mug 🙂 .

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After returning from my 3 day trip to the Pacific Northwest I’m really enjoying a downtime Sunday with the family….plenty of coffee, music, legs up….the night will be short, as I will be watching the Super Bowl, the game starting 30 minutes past midnight here in Germany. Let’s see if I will make it to bed at all 🙂  The Big Boy is organizing some hot chicken wings, beer is in the fridge…life is good 🙂

Streets of Nuremberg Coffee Mugs
Streets of Nuremberg Coffee Mugs

I wish you all a great Super Sunday!


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      1. 90 minutes well that is a bit short. I’m glad you enjoyed the game. I watched the last quarter in a restaurant. I’m not much of a sports fan.

  1. How great that you have your own Streets of Nuremberg mugs, Marcus — and I can’t help but notice the Elliott Erwitt books behind them. He is among my top five, all-time-favorite photographers. Good luck staying up through the entire Super Bowl! And be glad you’re in Germany instead of here in Minnesota; it’s bitterly cold today, and the streets are all covered in ice after yesterday’s snowfall. Everyone who came for the game is getting a real taste of the tundra this weekend! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Heide, I’m grateful for non-freezing temperatures for sure. Stay warm! Regarding Elliott Erwitt, he is one of my photographic heroes! One of my most prized photographic possessions is a print from Elliott Erwitt signed by himself.

      1. How lucky you are to have a signed print! I would be a tiny bit jealous, except I can’t imagine a photographer who would be more deserving than you, since your own work so clearly reflects the humor and humanity that Erwitt brings to his photography.

      2. You deserve every kind word that comes your way, Marcus — both for being such a kind person yourself, and for the inspiration you bring through your beautiful art.

      3. PS: You are still awake then, are you? What did you think of the half-time show? 🙂

      4. Justin Timberlake seems like a fine human being by all accounts, but I’m not into this kind of music either. It was lovely of him to do a Prince tribute, though. Huge pity, there …

        Well. I will stop writing now and let you enjoy the second half of the game! Cheers, Marcus.

      5. No worries, Heide 🙂 ! I’m sure he is a great guy! But a halftime show is about Music and show, and here we had much better ones the past years. I’m watching the game with one eye, with the other I blog….no problem, as I’m not into either of the playing teams. I watch it just for the love of the game.

      6. You are really into the spirit of this, aren’t you?! I think next year I should come to Nuremberg to watch the Super Bowl. 😀

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