Our Holiday Happy Place

Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece
Holiday Happy Place

It’s been a week since The Significant Other and I arrived in Greece for our summer vacation. Time to share a couple photographs from our holiday happy place between Xiropigado and Astros on the Peloponnese.

Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece
My morning coffee view
Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece
Morning light on our terrace
Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece
Morning view towards Astros
Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece
The Cliffs at the side of the beach
Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece
Stairs down to the beach
Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece
Passage through a rocky arch to the beach
Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece
Sand and crystal clear water on the private beach
Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece
Starfish in the shallow water
Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece
Above and below
Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece
Pool with a view
Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece
Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece
The view from above
Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece
Sandy seafloor in front of the beach
Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece
The rocky cliff is great for snorkeling
Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece
The few houses and their private beach
Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece
Sundowner Table
Muses Seaside Villas, Astros, Greece

We are totally in love with our holiday happy place. Give credit to The Significant Other who discovered this gem for us (she always does, year for year, wherever we go – this is totally amazing). The little white villas built on top of each other are all self serviced units, but that’s what we are always looking for. We love to dine out in different places, and trust me, Greece has a lot to offer food wise (will be a separate post on our culinary holidays). There are a few villages nearby that provide all we need, and the towns of Argos and Nafplion are just twenty to thirty minutes drive away. Our hosts Kostas, Kikì, their daughter Sylvia and their staff are super friendly and help make the stay of their guests a truly memorable one.

What is totally awesome is the fabulous private beach shared by the few houses in this little sandy bay (have I mentioned we did already see some dolphins a bit offshore?). This, in high season, is a luxury. Although I have to say that Covid has its impact on tourism in Greece, there are very very few foreign tourists here these days. It is insane to have these world famous antic sites in the area almost to oneself. Finding a place in the restaurants is also no problem at all, everything walk in, no reservations needed. So different from the pre-Covid years.

The photographs were taken with my iPhone, the OM-D E-M1X, the Olympus Tough TG-4 (the underwater pic) and my DJI Mini 2 drone (aerials).

Stay tuned for more post from our vacation, and explore beautiful Peloponnese with us.

Have a great Saturday


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  1. Your experience in Greece is like ours a few years ago when we stopped by the Outer Banks in North Carolina in November. Very few tourists, but that was also very nice.

  2. This coffee cup view is so incredible, Marcus.
    Have never been in that part of the country.
    Seems to be like heaven on earth.
    Might you consider sharing the place, where you stayed?

  3. Wonderful and seductive photos. I’ll be there tomorrow. Just kidding. These landscapes could so easily be New Mexico. Architecture completely different, of course. And color of the water. But otherwise, it has a very familiar “look” to me. Do post culinary shots. My husband and I did this same thing in Italy…rented in a secluded place and cooked in, but also went out. I loved using local ingredients to come up with new recipes on the spot. Couldn’t go wrong. Safe travels.

  4. Seems like a super lovely place. I will visit this one sometime. I like the beaches always. The beach view from the pool was stunning.

  5. Certainly is an incredible place. I have seen some videos of Argos and I must say it is such a pretty place although it does look like Greece has seen better days. I do think you are doing a great service by being a tourist and bringing some respite to the people connected with tourism in Greece. Enjoy your trip, Marcus

    1. Thanks for sharing our thoughts, Arv! The locals are starved for tourism to pick up again. But all is neat and ready. We are quite impressed on how the area has held up despite Covid. Greece has changed though (I have lived here as a boy), but haven’t all countries over time? Marcus

      1. I agree all countries change over the time. My reference was time before the financial difficulties started in Greece. This has definitely imapcted people and communities hugely. Good to know you have lived in Greece during your childhood. Is this trip for refreshing those memories?

    1. Thanks, much appreciated! I keep fingers crossed that you’re able to head out soon yourself! Things are definitely improving. Let’s keep fingers crossed! Marcus

      1. Alas, things are going downhill here in Sydney. Back in lockdown after a year of near-freedom. But I’m pleased to see that other parts of the world are opening up! 🙂

  6. Seems as if The Significant Other has in fact discovered Paradise. We know you are enjoying your vacation! What striking photos of a striking location.

  7. A great visit with beautiful photographs! Makes me recall my solitary wanderings through the places very close to your locations (some 40 years ago). Wonderful.

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